Herbal Tea Gardens: How To Use Tea Plants For A Garden

The Herbal Tea Garden Kit (HGK) is a great way to start growing your own herbal tea. You can use the HGK to grow different types of herbs such as mint, basil, parsley, thyme and many others. There are several ways to build a hobbyshop. Some people prefer using plastic containers with holes drilled in them or glass jars for their herb gardens. Others like to grow herbs in soil.

If you want to grow herbs in soil, then it is better if you have some organic compost mixed into the soil. You can buy organic compost at most health food stores or online. Another option is to plant your herbs in pots filled with potting mix. These pots are called “herbarium” pots. They come in various sizes and shapes. One of the best things about these herb garden kits is that they’re inexpensive!

If you don’t want to spend money on a hobbyshop, then you can just grow herbs in soil. However, if you do choose to go with soil gardening, then it’s always good to have some fertilizer on hand so that your plants will thrive. It’s also important to know that you will need more than just herbs to start your garden. You’re going to need some spice plants such as basil, mint, and dill, along with fruit plants like strawberries and blueberries. This website offers the same type of herbal tea garden kit that HGK sells.

It’s nice because it will give you a good selection of herbs that you can grow in your herb garden or hobbyshop. The best thing about this website is that they offer free shipping on orders over $25.00. This is a very good deal considering that this kit sells for over $30.00 on other websites. Many people would rather buy their herbs and tea plants online now because it’s more convenient and you can get bigger discounts.

You can make great tea using the HGK or the online kit. Both of these kits offer you real tea plants (Camellia Sinensis) which are also known as tea shrubs or tea trees. Now you can really grow your own tea! You can make your own herbal tea blends or organic iced tea with real tea leaves. It’s a good thing that both of these kits offer you enough supplies to make at least 40 cups of tea.

Herbal tea has been known to have many different health benefits. It’s important that you drink lots of fluids every day. Tea is a good replacement for soft drinks and other sugary beverages. You can use your herbal tea in lots of different recipes. Herbal tea is great to use when you’re barbecuing! If you have HGK or the online kit, then you will be able to make enough tea to last you for quite some time. It’s great to share with family and friends as well. People tend to like it when you share your homegrown herbal tea plants with them.

Both kits offer a good assortment of plants. The online kit has everything you need except the organic potting mix, fertilizer and herbs. You will need to buy these items at your local nursery or garden supply store. The hobbyshop kit comes with an extra plant (rosemary) so you don’t have to buy any extra supplies if you choose this kit.

The online kit allows you to pick and choose your own assortment of herbs. This can be good if you want to make sure you have enough of a certain herb. For instance, you may want to grow more lavender plants because that is the herb that you use the most for tea. You can also eliminate any herbs that you don’t like or wouldn’t use for tea.

The hobbyshop kit comes with a 48-page booklet that has recipes and ideas for using your tea herbs. The online kit does not include a book about herbs.

Both of these kits come with enough organic potting mix to fill all of the pots in the kit. You will need to add additional potting mix to each pot if you choose to remove some of the topsoil.

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It’s important to remember that these are living plants and kits. No two gardens are going to be exactly alike. The plants may arrive looking a little different than what is shown in the picture. Each garden will have it’s own unique growing cycle too. Some plants may take longer to grow than others.

It’s also important to care for your new tea garden properly. Make sure you read all of the instructions before getting started.

These kits are a great way for kids to learn about caring for plants, herbs, gardening and more. Kids love to see things grow. It’s exciting to watch the seeds sprout and then grow into plants. Kids will be able to see the results of their hard work within a few weeks. They can then harvest their plants and use them to make tea or whatever they like!

It’s fun to get kids started with their own garden projects. Learning is more fun when its hands-on and interesting. Your kids will love growing something that they will be able to use and share with their friends and family. It’s a great way to get them involved and interested in the world around them.

Both of these tea garden kits are a great choice. They are unique gifts that most people don’t buy for themselves or others. These are perfect for anyone who enjoys drinking tea, growing plants or wants to learn how.


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The online kit comes with everything you need except the potting mix, fertilizer and herbs. This allows you to choose the organic materials that work best in your environment. It also gives you the ability to pick and choose which herbs you want to grow.

Many people have a favorite type of tea that they want to grow. For instance, if you like chamomile tea, you can pick out a lot of herbs in your kit to increase the likelihood of growing chamomile.

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If you aren’t sure what you want to grow, the online kit comes with a 42-page book full of recipes and ideas for using each herb.

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