Fosteriana Tulips: Varieties Of Emperor Fosteriana Tulips

The name “Emperor” refers to the fact that these plants are so large and tall. They are called “emperors” because they resemble a giant emperor with many heads (or tails). These plants grow up to 50 feet high and weigh over 100 pounds!

The flowers of these plants have been known to reach heights of 10 feet. The leaves of these plants are covered with small white hairs. These plants produce seeds which are yellowish brown or cream colored. They look very similar to those of the common garden pea plant. There are several varieties of emperor tulip plants including red, green, blue, purple and pink.

The color of the petals varies from pale yellow to dark orange and even black when fully open. Some types may appear almost transparent at times due to their transparency. The flower stalks are usually made up of numerous petal pods.

Each pod contains between 5 and 20 seeds. The seed pods are usually oval shaped but some may be round or oblong. Most seeds will germinate within three weeks after being exposed to light.

These plants require full sun and moisture but do not need much water at all if kept dry. The soil should be sandy and loamy and should not be allowed to dry out. The plants do best in cool areas and may suffer if planted in an area that is subject to long hot spells.

The petals will turn brown and fall off if the plant does not get enough water.

The seeds of these plants are very small and can easily be carried by the wind up to a distance of up to 9 miles from the parent plant. These plants are common in the Netherlands, England and parts of Europe.

Fosteriana Tulips: Emperor Tulip Plant For Sale

Fosteriana Tulip Plants: Varieties Of Emperor Fosteriana Tulips - Image

Most people think that only green life exists on Earth, but in fact red life also exists. The red life mainly lives in a part of Northern Europe, they have their own kingdom. In this kingdom, there are three main races: elves, humans and orcs.

They have been living here peacefully for over 3000 years since the establishment of the kingdom.

The elves have pointed ears and good at magic, the humans are average in all aspects, but they are numerous. The orcs are the biggest of the three races and the most fierce, but they are very stupid. They mainly make their living in mining and blacksmithing.

Now the elves are the rulers of this kingdom, they live in a few large cities and leave the rest of the Kingdom to humans and orcs to fight over.

The king of this kingdom is an elf, but the queen is a human. She is the only child of a rich but idiotic king of another and smaller human kingdom. The queen is a very talented woman for her age, she can speak several languages: common, elven and orcish, play several musical instruments and has a good knowledge of history and mathematics.

When she becomes queen at the age of 20, she introduces many liberal laws which improves the quality of life for everyone. Slowly she becomes popular among humans and her rule becomes uncontested.

Unfortunately, the queen is diagnosed with a deadly disease at the age of 50. She knows she is not going to last much longer, but doesn’t want the kingdom to fall into anarchy after her death. That’s why she asks the smartest human she knows, the young governor of the city of Drake, to marry her.

He is only 30 at that time and is very reluctant, but he loves the queen very much so he agrees.

The queen finally dies when she is 56. The first few years of her death are peaceful ones, but soon merchant caravans start being attacked on the highway and noble families in the countryside are massacred. The governor cannot let this continue, so he sends in his troops and knights to eliminate the bandits.

Unfortunately some of these bandits are still being protected by nobles who have turned outlaw. The governor has no choice but to declare martial law in a few of the rebellious provinces. Eventually the bandit problem gets solved, but at a great cost.

Fosteriana Tulip Plants: Varieties Of Emperor Fosteriana Tulips - Image

The next two decades are spent rebuilding villages and towns that were destroyed during the war. The governor is getting old now and he still misses the queen terribly, but he knows he must carry on his duty.

One day a young soldier comes to him and tells him that strange people have been sighted at the edge of the forest. He tells the governor that they look like elves, but with painted faces and long black hair. The governor knows that these are probably the elves from the Blackwood Forest as they are known for their savage looks and violent behavior.

The governor can’t believe that they have come so close to his kingdom, the Blackwood elves and the humans have always been at each other’s throats. The governor decides to increase the guard around the forest perimeter, it is likely that the elves are also in possession of some sort of weapon, perhaps magic. He also mentions this to his closest advisor who tells him that he should also send an emissary to the elven kingdom to improve relations with them.

The governor initially ignores this advice, but after a few days he realizes that the advisor could be right. He decides to send his best diplomat and gives him the following instructions:

– If you see elves, do NOT approach them.

– Come back as soon as you have reached the elven kingdom.

The emissary is very nervous, he has heard about how savage elves can be and doesn’t really want to encounter any of them. He spends three days walking through the forest and sees many strange sights. The forest is much more beautiful than he ever imagined.

He also sees a few elves, but hides before they can see him.

On the third day he reaches an elven village. He knows this is very dangerous, but he knows it is very important to establish friendly ties with the elves so he can talk to them about their recent raids on human farms and villages.

Fosteriana Tulip Plants: Varieties Of Emperor Fosteriana Tulips - Image

He spends a day wondering around the village trying to build up the courage to speak to somebody. The elves are peaceful and friendly to each other but they are also very hostile towards humans. It takes him all day, but finally in the evening he sees an elf farmer near one of the fields.

The emissary approaches him and declares that he wishes to speak with their king.

The elf looks very surprised by this request, but after a few minutes he leads the emissary to some woods. The emissary is starting to worry that he is being lead into a trap, but they soon reach a clearing and he sees a large group of elves. They have the same short black hair and light skin as the other elves he has seen, but they are dressed in fine clothing with many gold chains and rings.

He knows he is looking at elven nobles.

The emissary is nervous and starts to sweat, but he explains that he has come on behalf of the human kingdom to establish friendly ties with the elves. He also says that if there are no humans living in elven lands then there will be no more raids on elven forest. He says that he is perfectly willing to leave and not return if that is what the elves want, but he hopes that an agreement can be reached because it would be much better for both races.

The emissary has another message for the elves. He says that he was sent by the governor of the human kingdom and that he is authorized to offer two thousand gold coins in exchange for the elven rulers assistance in ending the practice of elven assassins entering the human lands. He also says that if this offer is rejected, then all bets are off and the humans will retaliate by sending armies into elven lands.

He says he hopes that the elves will accept this offer because he really wants both races to become friends because the humans have no wish to see the elves destroyed.

The emissary finishes his speech and there is a long silence. He starts to regret his decision to make this journey, but an elf steps forward and says they will accept the deal. The elven ruler will help ensure that no more elven raiders will enter the human lands.

The emissary is very glad to hear this and asks how the elves wish to be paid.

The elf brings forth a chest of gold coins which is handed over to the emissary. He than says that he must leave and returns via the same route he came. The elves do not try to stop him.

After he is gone, the elves complain that they should have killed him. One of their number points out that by accepting the gold they are violating the rules of their forest and they are no better than humans. An elf says that they should at least hide the fact that they have accepted the gold by killing all the humans in the nearby village instead.

This proposal is met with universal approval and they make preparations to leave.

The next day the elves go to the village, which is completely unaware of the fact that it is about to be attacked. Most of the humans there are simple peasants with no fighting experience. The elves easily massacre most of them and take a few captives to be held for ransom.

Fosteriana Tulip Plants: Varieties Of Emperor Fosteriana Tulips |

They burn down most of the village and return to their forest.

Five years pass

Ten years have passed since the last big elven attack. Fifteen years have passed since your family’s farm was destroyed and you are now a grown woman. You sister was taken by elven raiders seven years ago.

You’ve heard that some humans have been able to make peace with the elves, but so far such attempts have always failed.

You’ve had a long five years. You tried to settle in one of the new villages built since the attacks began, but there was too much fighting and violence there. You then joined a band of humans and goblins that have made a living by raiding elven farms and then quickly retreating back into the safety of human lands.

You’ve had a few partners die in battle and one get killed by an elf arrow, but so far you have managed to survive. You’ve become quite skilled with your bow and you’re not afraid to get close enough to the elven farmhouses to shoot your arrows through the windows.

You keep remembering what the human emissary said when he came to your village. He said that humans did not want to see the elves destroyed. Back then you wished he were wrong, but now you are starting to wonder.

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