The following are some interesting facts about Dividing Peonies:

Dividing Peony Plant Care Guide

1) Do not use the same method twice.

If you have already used it once, do not repeat the procedure again. You will need to experiment with different methods to get the best results. Experimentation is always better than repetition!

2) Always keep your plants moist at all times!

Water them every day even if they are dry.

3) Keep the soil evenly moist during the whole season.

Never let it become too dry or wet in any area. (If necessary, add more moisture)

4) When dividing your peonies, make sure that you don’t disturb the roots completely.

Leave enough space between each division so that new growth will form naturally without any intervention from you.

Dividing Peony Plants – Tips On How To Propagate Peonies -

5) When dividing your peonies, try to leave no gaps bigger than 1/8 inch.

This is because the roots of peonies are very delicate and they can easily break through a small gap.

6) For best results, divide your peonies into two parts before planting them out.

Make sure that you split them up properly so that there is plenty of room between each part. This helps to prevent breaking of roots.

7) Make sure that your plants are not too crowded when you plant them out in the spring.

Plant them out 9-12 inches apart, depending upon the variety.

8) Keep adding organic matter to the soil every year (leaf mould, rotted manure, etc).

This will keep the nutrients levels high and prevent water from draining out quickly.

9) Taproots should not be disturbed.

If you need to divide your plants, make sure that you do so carefully. New growth can also be promoted by cutting the root system down to 5-7 feed long. Make sure that proper aftercare is given before planting out the Peony again.

Dividing Peony Plants – Tips On How To Propagate Peonies -

10) Fertilize your plants once a year (leaf mould, manure, general fertilizer). Always follow the instructions provided with the bag.

11) Be careful when transplanting Peonies. Always use a gentle hand. If you have to move them, do so during the winter months and keep them inside for a few days while the soil settles down again.

12) Pick off dead foliage as it appears. This keeps disease away from your Peony plants and allows light and air to reach the inner parts of the plant.

13) Deadhead your Peonies. Cut off the faded flowers as they appear to keep the plant looking tidy and promote further blooming. Make sure that you do this once the petals have turned all the way to brown, or else it will weaken the plant overall.



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