Signs Of Over Fertilization In Houseplants:

Over fertilized houseplants are not only harmful to your health but they may also cause damage to other plants in the garden. You can easily identify over fertilized plants because their leaves turn yellow or even brownish. They will die if left untreated. If you notice that your houseplant is turning yellow or even brown, then it’s time to take action!

1) Leaves Turn Yellow Or Even Brownish –

2) Plants Become Weak And Unable To Produce Flowers –

3) Plants Grow Taller Than Their Normal Size –

In some cases, over fertilization causes death of the plant. Sometimes plants become weak and unable to produce flowers. Other times plants grow taller than normal. If your plants are growing tall, then you need to water them regularly.

If they’re becoming weak, then you’ll have to do something else.

1) Yellow Leaves –

2) Weak Stems –

3) Stunted Growth –

4) Necrosis (Death Of Plant Tissue) –

Most cases of over fertilization start with yellow leaves. Over fertilized plants suffer from necrosis which is death of plant tissue. The death of the plant may begin at the tip or the base of the plant. The leaves begin to fall off and the plant starts to wither.

Home Remedies To Treat Your Houseplant

Signs Of Over Fertilization In Houseplants from our website

1) Cut Down On How Much Fertilizer You’re Using –

2) Increase The Amount Of Water –

3) Use A Root Booster Instead –

If your houseplant is showing signs of over fertilization, then you may have to cut down on how much fertilizer you’re using. Instead, give the plant more water. By doing this, you can reverse whatever damage has been done.

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