Hawaiian Ti Plants: The Best Choice For Your Home?

The best choice for your home is not necessarily the most expensive one. You need to choose the one which will give you the greatest benefit and satisfaction. If you are looking for a houseplant, then it would be better if you chose a tropical species such as hibiscus or passion flower because they are easy to grow indoors and do not require much attention from their owners. However, if you want something more exotic then you have to look at the plants with a wider range of colors. These include the dwarf varieties like the manuka, koa and even some of the lily types.

It is true that these plants are hardy and can survive in almost any climate but they may not thrive well in hot climates such as Hawaii where it gets very humid during summer months. There are also other reasons why you might want to go for a tropical plant rather than a dwarf variety.

Dwarf plants tend to get damaged easily when moved around and can die if left out in the sun too long. Tropical plants however don’t suffer from these problems since they are usually kept in containers and watered regularly.

They can withstand harsh conditions better and can even thrive under them.

They are however not so common in many places and are usually available only through specialty nurseries or collectors. For those of you who simply want a beautiful plant in your homes without too much effort, then there is nothing better than the dwarf varieties of plants.

The look that you get from a full sized tree can be easily recreated by one of these small plants. These are often very hardy with some of them being able to survive extreme temperatures and poor handling during transport.

So which is the best choice for you?

It all depends on what you want to see in your home. Whether it is a flowering plant or one that simply looks beautiful. If you like nature and would like to have a reminder of some place far away then you should go for the tropical varieties. Because of their delicate nature you may not be able to get them through regular nurseries so you will have to get yours from specialty gardens.

For the average person looking for something to brighten up their home, then the dwarf varieties are probably a better choice. They can be bought from your local nursery and will take much less maintenance than their tropical cousins.

Below you can find some of the best choices of tropical houseplants:

Bromeliad: Native to the forests of Brazil, these plants have been widely cultivated as ornamental pieces. There are a great number of types available and most of them have colorful foliage.

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Calathea: These plants are native to the rain forests of South America. They are popular for their colorful leaves and their patterns which resemble those of a lizard.

They can grow up to 2 meters in height but often are kept smaller by pruning their stems.

Cactii: Cactii are native to dry and arid places such as the deserts of North America. There are hundreds of different types but most of them can be kept as houseplants.

Ferns: There are different types of ferns suitable for growing indoors, the most popular being the ostrich fern and the bird’s nest fern. They need plenty of water and a humid environment to thrive.

Palms: There are many species of palms from all over the world. They include the lady palm, the reed palm and the dwarf palmetto.

Palms make a very good choice for a tropical garden because of their hardy nature and ability to thrive even in poor conditions. They can also grow up to 20 meters in height, making them perfect for adding height and drama to your gardens.

Peace Lily: Native to eastern North America, this white flowering plant puts out large flowers and can be easily grown indoors.

Dieffenbachia: Also known as the dumbcane, this is a popular houseplant that is well suited for indoors. It is one of the largest varieties of arums and produces large white flowers.

It is popularly used in homes because of its ease of growth and tolerance to less than favorable conditions.

Banana Plant: Native to tropical South East Asia, this bushy plant has heart shaped leaves and is often grown for decorative purposes due to its interesting fruit.

Aloe Vera: Native to dry and arid climates, the aloe Vera is a popular houseplant because of its healing properties when it comes to burns and wounds. It has an interesting flower and grows without too much maintenance.

Ti Plant Care – Growing A Hawaiian Ti Plant Indoors - igrowplants.net

Ficus: Native to both tropical and subtropical climates, the ficus is one of the most popular varieties of indoor plants due to its many varieties and sizes. They also have interesting leaves that vary depending on the species.

Dracaena: A very common houseplant, the dracaena can be found in thousands of homes all over the world. They are very tolerant of different conditions and grow well even when neglected.

Their interesting flowers add to their popularity.

Orchid: Orchids come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are very popular among plant lovers. They have interesting flowers and can be easily grown as long as they are given the right conditions to thrive in.

English Ivy: Also known as the creeping charlie, this houseplant has become very popular in recent times. It can thrive in less than ideal conditions and is often grown for decorative purposes.

It has small flowers when grown from seed but the ones bought from stores are sterile and therefore don’t flower.

Dumbcane: Native to South America, this plant can grow up to 6 meters in height and is often used as fence posts by farmers in the area. It is also a popular houseplant however and can be easily grown indoors provided it is given enough light.

It has large flowers that are often white in color.

Pothos: The pothos is a very common plant because of its ability to grow in less than favorable conditions. It also has interesting leaves that grow in clusters and is often used to clean the air in homes due to this property.

ZZ Plant: Native to Mexico, the ZZ plant is named after the person who discovered it, Zachery Zane Zee. It has small flowers and grows well indoors in less than desirable conditions.

Cast Iron Plant: Native to South America, the Cast Iron plant is one of the toughest houseplants around. It can even survive being underwater for prolonged periods of time.

It has small flowers and can be grown easily even by those who lack a green thumb.

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Chlorophyll: Also known as green blood, this houseplant has small flowers that are green in color. It grows best in well lit areas and is often used by medical students for practice.

Tubgirl: Native to North America, this plant has small flowers that can either be red or white in color. It grows best in moderate lighting conditions and should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

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