Caring For A Bidens Plant

Bidens plants are very easy to take care of. They need little attention other than regular watering and fertilizing. If they get too dry or if there is not enough light, it might cause them to drop their leaves which will make them look less attractive. You can feed your bidens with a liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season. This helps keep them healthy and happy.

You can also place some cuttlebone flowers near the bidens plants to attract insects.

You can also put some dead catnip leaves around the plants to discourage mice from eating them. Catnip is another common plant that attracts many beneficial insects. You could even use a piece of cardboard placed under the bidens plants to deter ants and termites. There are many different ways you can keep your bidens happy and healthy!

The best thing about bidens is that they don’t require much space. You can grow them in containers or in the ground. Some people like to grow them in pots because they have better drainage and can provide more room for other plants. However, you must remember that bidens do need lots of sunlight so placing them outdoors is always a good idea.

If you put them in pots make sure you use a good quality potting soil. You can place several bidens plants in one large container or just a few in a smaller one. If you are planting them outside, dig up a large space and add some compost to improve the soil quality. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep and keep them watered. You can also place some mosquito dunks around your bidens plants to keep mosquitoes from breeding in the area.

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