Do I need a bulb planter?

Bulb planters are great additions to your home or office landscape. They provide a place where you can keep plants that would otherwise get lost in the house and they’re easy to clean up after use. You don’t have to spend all day cleaning out the basement just because you forgot something in there! They’re also very convenient when it comes time to plant flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs and other outdoor plants.

The biggest benefit of using a bulb planter is that they’re portable. If you move, you no longer have to carry around a bunch of pots and buckets full of soil. You can simply pack them into the trunk of your car or truck and drive away from home without having to worry about losing anything.

A bulb planter also makes it easier to grow certain types of plants indoors since you don’t have to constantly mow the lawn anymore. You can now plant indoor plants like roses, hydrangeas, tomatoes and peppers right inside your home.

How do I choose a bulb planter?

There are many different kinds of bulbs available at any given time. There’s the standard fluorescent lights which will last for years. Then there are those that produce less light but last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs. These include compact fluorescents, high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs and even some LED lights.

The type of bulb you use will depend on the types of plants you’re growing and where you intend to put them. If you’re growing plants that need a lot of light, you’ll probably want to invest in HPS lights. This type of lighting is used in greenhouses and professional plant nurseries since it provides the most natural sunlight simulation.

Most people think that incandescent bulbs are the best to grow houseplants under but this isn’t necessarily true. They give off a yellowish hue which isn’t good for seeing true colors. They also don’t provide the same amount of light as other bulbs.

It’s best to stay away from fluorescent lights since they tend to cause leaf curl in many plants.

Portable or built-in?

Some gardeners prefer to just buy a small, self-contained planter that can sit on an end table or bookshelf. These are especially popular for office buildings where floor space is at a minimum. They’re also great if you have limited mobility or you just want a simple to set up and use planter.

A more traditional planter is going to be better if you don’t have a dedicated room for your garden and you need something to place on your patio or deck. You can find stand alone planters in many different materials and colors to help them blend in with the rest of your landscaping.

How do I maintain my bulb planter?

Bulb planters are fairly low maintenance since you’re not constantly digging in the dirt and you don’t have to worry about over watering. The key to proper bulb planter maintenance is to make sure that the plant stays hydrated. You can do this by spraying the soil with water on a regular basis. Be sure not to over water it though. If you’re in a dry climate or your home is very air conditioned, you may want to place the bulb planter next to a floor lamp. This will help add some extra humidity to the air.

You should also change out your bulbs every six to twelve months. Most of the time this will mean buying a new bulb planter entirely but it’s still cheaper than the cost of dirt, garden tools and having to hire someone to do the job for you. If you want to save money, buy a bulb planter that allows you to update the light fixture in the future.

Where should I put my bulb planter?

Bulb planters can be placed just about anywhere that has a power outlet. If you don’t have a dedicated room for your garden, you can put your planter on an end table or bookshelf. You can also place it on the floor as long as you have enough space around it. If you want to be really creative, you can even mount it to the ceiling so it looks like a chandelier.

If you’re using it outdoors, make sure you place it in a covered area like a porch or patio. If you live in a mild climate, it should be fine outdoors since the bulbs won’t be affected by cold weather. Just remember that if you leave it outside, you’ll need to water it more often.

Where can I get a bulb planter?

Bulb planters can be purchased at most gardening stores or big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart. If you prefer to shop online, there are many websites that specialize in selling hydroponic supplies. You can also find them on auction sites like eBay.

Bulb planters are a great way to brighten up any room in the house. They’re especially popular with people that don’t have a green thumb. All you have to do is follow the instructions for set up and maintain it on a regular basis and your bulbs will last for months.

Just be sure to pick up a few extra bulbs when you’re purchasing your planter. You don’t want to find out the day before an event that your bulbs burnt out and you have to wait a whole month before you can replace them.

Article written by A. Spring and fieldjane.

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