Growing avocados in containers is a very easy way to grow them indoors. They are not only delicious but they taste good too! If you have been considering growing your own avocados then here’s some useful information about how to do it. You will learn everything from choosing the right type of soil, watering and fertilizing, selecting suitable plants and much more…

What Is An Avocado?

An avocado is a small fruit with a smooth skin, fleshy inside and sweet pulp. The name comes from the Aztec word “avoca” which means “apple”. There are many varieties of avocados but all of them belong to one family: Musa acuminata or the Acapulco Pear Tree Fruit Family. These fruits have been cultivated since ancient times in Mexico and Central America. Today there are over 500 different cultivars grown worldwide.

How To Grow Avocados In Containers?

There are two main types of avocado plants – indoor and outdoor. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, indoor avocados tend to produce larger fruits than those grown outdoors. However, they require less space and water. Outdoor avocados need more sunlight to ripen properly so they need shade cloths or other protection during the summer months when the sun shines most intensely.

Avocados come in many different sizes, shapes and colors making them highly decorative plants as well as a good food source. They are easy to store (keeps for up to 5 days refrigerated) and can be frozen too!

Varieties Of Avocado Fruits:

There are three main types of avocados grown:

A – Type: These fruits have a smooth skin and are fat at the base and long towards the top.

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