Wrapping Plants In Burlap: How To Use Burlap For Protecting Plants

Burlap is one of the most popular fabrics used for wrapping plants. It is easy to use and it protects plants from cold weather. There are many reasons why you would want to wrap your plant in burlap.

First of all, it provides warmth to your plant during winter time when temperatures drop low or even zero degrees Fahrenheit. Second, it helps keep moisture inside the plant so that it doesn’t freeze. Third, it keeps dirt out of the soil around your plant. Finally, it makes planting easier since you don’t have to worry about getting roots into the ground or digging them up later.

There are two types of burlap available for wrapping plants: heavy duty and light duty. Heavy duty burlap is made of heavier weight cotton and is usually thicker than regular burlap. Light duty burlap is typically thinner than regular burlap but still thick enough to provide protection.

You will notice that some types of burlap are labeled “heavy” while others are labeled “light.” These labels indicate whether the material is made from heavy or light weight cotton. The weight of the cotton affects the strength, thickness, and longevity of the burlap.

Plastic wrapping is another popular method for protecting plants from cold weather. Unlike burlap, plastic does not allow air, water, or nutrients to pass through. This means that plants need to be removed from plastic at some point in order to be watered.

However, this also means that plants stay clean since there is no possibility of dirt getting on the plant. In addition, you can use water instead of soil since the roots don’t need to be in the ground. This can save money since you won’t need to buy soil or potting mix. Just cut a hole in the plastic for the stem and another one for the base of the plant and you’re ready to go.

When To Wrap Your Plants

It’s helpful to know when it’s time to start preparing your plants for winter.

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