The following are some facts about killing trees:

1) You need to have a large amount of rock salt (or other natural chemical).

You can buy it at hardware stores or online. I would recommend buying rock salt because you will not get the same results if you use table salt. Table salt does not work well because it is too soft and easily crushed by your hands when using it to crush the roots of the tree.

Rock salt works better because it is harder than table salt and thus more effective.

2) You need to mix the rock salt with water until the mixture becomes a liquid.

Then you must pour this liquid into the tree’s root system. Make sure that there are no air pockets in between the rocks so that they do not cause any reaction with the chemicals inside them. Once you have killed all of its roots, then you can remove it from your garden without harming it anymore.

3) If you want to make your own tree killer, then you need to gather some ingredients first.

You need to collect:

a) Rock Salt (I used Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt which is available at most grocery stores.)

b) Water (You can either use tap water or distilled water; however, I prefer distilled water since it contains less minerals and therefore less of a chance of causing reactions with the chemicals inside it. Stay away from distilled water that has added vitamins since most of the time it contains sugar or other sweeteners which can cause a reaction with the rock salt.)

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden -

c) A container to mix your ingredients in. (I would use one that you do not mind getting ruined since you will have to crush the rock salt into small pieces and then dissolve it into the water. I used a plastic tray that came with my ultrasonic cleaner machine.)

d) A strainer (You will need this to strain the crushed rock salt out of the water once you have mixed them together so that it does not get inside your spray bottle of choice. I used a small strainer that came with my pasta maker since I was not using it at the time. Any small strainer will work as long as it can cover the top of your spray bottle.)

4) To make the tree killer, you will need to crush the rock salt into small pieces.

To do this, I place the rock salt pieces into the plastic tray and then add them to the ultrasonic cleaner. After they have been cleaned, I remove them from the machine and place them into a Ziploc bag. Next, I place the plastic tray filled with rock salt pieces into the ultrasonic cleaner and run it for about 5 minutes.

Then I remove the tray and dump out the rock salt pieces into the Ziploc bag with the other rock salt pieces. I do this about 3 or 4 times until I am satisfied that most of the big chunks are gone. The remaining chunks no longer matter since you will be crushing them later in the strainer.

5) Now that you have crushed your rock salt into small pieces, you need to place them into your strainer.

The goal is to strain out all of the liquid and leave only the solid pieces inside the strainer. I place the crushed pieces into the strainer and then place it over the plastic tray. I then pour the water over the crushed pieces and allow it to slowly drain into the tray.

I check on the process every few minutes to see if all of the pieces have drained into the tray. If not, I press down on the top of the strainer a bit in order to push out any remaining liquid. Once all of the liquid has drained out, remove the strainer from over the tray and throw away the solid pieces into the trash.

6) Now you are left with a tray full of water which contains bits of salt at the bottom.

To remove the salt from the water, I use a measuring cup and slowly pour the water into it. The salt will either stay in the bottom of the tray or stick to the bottom of the strainer. Either way, you can throw the salt out since you won’t be using it for this project anymore.

7) At this point, you are left with just clear water.

The water is now ready to be added to the 20 Mule Team Borax and sugar. (Do not add the water yet, wait until step 10.)

8) To make the smoke bombs, you will need:

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden - Picture

a) 1 cup of coarse ground black powder (You can buy this at sporting good stores or online. I got mine at a local gun shop. WARNING: Black powder is a regulated substance and you will most likely have to show identification and sign a log before they give it to you.)

b) 1 teaspoon of aluminum powder (You can find this at local arts and crafts stores. I got mine at Michaels.)

c) 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid (I have also seen this at local arts and crafts stores. You can also find this at dollar stores)

d) 1 teaspoon of Borax (Found at grocery stores in the detergent section. It is a common ingredient in homemade cleaning products.)

e) 2 cups of sugar

f) 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax (You can find this at grocery stores. It is the same brand as the one you used for the strainer. Make sure to buy the one in the box, not the one in the bucket.

The one in the bucket is salt and you don’t want that for this project.)

g) 3 cups of water

h) 8 or 16 ounce plastic water bottles (The size of bottle depends on how big you want your smoke bombs to be. I usually use 16 ounce bottles, but you can use 8 ounce bottles if you want to make smaller smoke bombs. I will tell you how to measure this out properly in the next step.)

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9) To make the smoke bomb, you first need to fill your bottle almost all the way with the coarse ground black powder.

Use the 1 cup measuring cup to do this. Do not fill past the shoulder of the bottle or it might explode when you add the other ingredients! Add the rest of the ingredients (the 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax, 1 teaspoon of aluminum powder, 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and 3 cups of water) and mix them together.

If you are using 8 ounce bottles, fill them up with the mixture to within an inch from the top. If you are using 16 ounce bottles, fill them to just under the shoulder. All of the smoke bomb ingredients will not fit in the 16 ounce bottle, that is why you need the 8 ounce bottle as well.

10) Screw on the lid and flip the bottle over and lightly tap it on the bottom against your hand. This will get any remaining air bubbles to float to the top of the mixture. Wait a few minutes and then turn the bottle upright and do the bubble test.

If you see a bubble come up, repeat step 10. If no more bubbles appear, then carefully screw the lid on the bottle just finger tight.

11) Place the smoke bomb on a hard surface away from anyone (especially flammable materials) and sit down facing it. Make sure there are no children, pets or adults within at least 10 feet of it. Light the cigarette lighter and hold it close to the bottom of the bottle (but not so close that it actually touches the bottle).

There will be a large flash and a lot of smoke, so you should close your eyes when you see the flash coming and don’t look until all of the smoke has dissipated. If you made an 8 ounce bomb it should last several minutes and if you made a 16 ounce bomb it should last up to half an hour.

12) After the smoke bomb has fully expended itself, throw it over your shoulder behind you. You can now go back into your house. It is not necessary to wash off the mixture, since it is a powder and will not be sticky like a fluid would.


Also, if you are concerned about your smoke bomb being discovered, you can cover it with a small piece of cardboard and tightly wrap clear packing tape all the way around it to seal it. This will help prevent the bottle from breaking, but do not count on the tape to hold if you drop the bottle from any kind of height!

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden -

CAUTION: Smoke bombs can cause burns and start fires, keep away from children and idiots! Remember to dispose of the bottle safely and never try to re-use it.

The Idiot-Proof Way

by Key-Ratter

1) Use a disposable aluminum pie plate.

It’s bigger than a 8 ounce drink cup, but smaller than a 12 or 16 ounce drink cup–so you can get about 4 smoke bombs out of a pie plate.

2) Using a cup measure fill the plate 1/3 full of matchheads.

3) Using a tablespoon, fill the rest of the plate with white gas–this is much easier to ignite than lighter fluid and is also much more effective.

4) Place the plate on a piece of cardboard and set it on fire.

5) After the fire burns itself out (about 2 minutes), carefully pick up the pie plate (it will be very hot!

6) Using a pair of pliers, pick out as many of the matchheads as possible and throw them away.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden |

(A strainer may also be used for this purpose.)

7) CAREFULLY pour the white gas into the plastic drink cup.

It is recommended that you do this over the sink–just to make sure that none spills. The gas can also be stored in other containers such as plastic coke bottles, but always be careful not to spill!

8) Let the gas sit for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the matchheads to sediment to the bottom.

9) With a permanent marker, mark the drink cup to show that it is NOT to be used as an edible container (do not put liquid in this cup ever again).

10) Carefully turn the gas/matchhead mixture upside-down to drain out the liquid that has not been absorbed. This can take several minutes.

11) Using a funnel, pour the contents of the cup into the plastic drink cup containing the powdered acid.

12) Stir well (wooden spoon is recommended). Enjoy…but not too much!

Note: This will make one smoke bomb that will produce a lot of smoke for about 5 minutes. If you want a smoke screen for a longer period of time (up to 30 minutes), then make two or more smoke bombs rather than using a 16 ounce drink cup.

Smoke Screen (great for bank robberies!)

by Becca

Materials you need:

1) Two plastic bottles (20 ounce water bottles work well).

Make sure they are CLEAR not white, and that they have no printing on the outside.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden - Picture

2) A roll of pennies.

NOT silver dollars, not nickles, NOT quarters–pennies only!

3) A roll of clear scotch tape.


1) Take your two plastic bottles and fill each one 3/4 full of pennies.

Be sure to leave no space and do not use too many coins or the bottle will not be strong enough to stand up to pressure (overflowing bottles cause serious burns). Cap the bottle tightly.

2) Place the bottle in a bucket or some other container to catch the liquid that will be expelled when you blow it up.

3) Tape a 5-10 foot piece of string around the neck of the bottle several times.

Leave enough string so that you can hold one end of the string and place your hand far enough away so that if the bomb goes off it will not injure you.

4) Place the plastic bottle on a hard surface and firmly hold the loose end of the string.

Take a deep breath and quickly pull your hand away from the bottle.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden at

5) Stand back!

6) When the bomb explodes it will shatter the glass, propelling it in all directions.

The sound of the explosion is rather amusing, sounds like a cheap firecracker.

7) Fill the other bottle 3/4 full of pennies and seal it up.

This one will not explode but it will expel liquid when it breaks so again, place this device in a safe place where if it explodes it will not cause any damage.

8) Hold one end of the string on this device and do exactly what you did before.

9) Now you have two nice bombs to use.


The Science Behind It:

Both of these bombs work on the same principal. By turning an inert substance into a gas (the bomb that explodes) or a liquid (the bomb that doesn’t explode but expels liquid) the device builds up so much pressure that it has to release it in some way. By breaking the container, you allow the substance inside to turn back into a liquid or gas.

In the first bomb (the one that explodes) the pressure is released by shattering the container. In the second bomb (the one that doesn’t explode), the pressure is released by forcing the liquid out of the container.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden |

Note: If you use this to kill someone, you need to be very far away. The blast from these can break windows in a two mile radius!

The Following Things Will Be Needed For These Recipes

by “The Hermit”

Ginger Root (powdered)

Mortar and Pestle (or something to grind it in)

Knobby Root (ground up, fresh if possible)

Charcoal (powder)

Experiment with these herbs in several combinations until you get the desired results you’re looking for.

The Science Behind It:

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden from our website

Ginger has anti-nausea properties.

Knobby root is sometimes used to slow blood loss and promote clotting.

Charcoal absorbs toxins in the digestive tract, which is why it may have a slight laxative effect. Don’t go overboard with this one though, as taking too much charcoal can cause constipation.

Combining the three of these should counteract the side effects of drinking too much. They are easy to find and not that hard to grind up. You may want to experiment with these in various combinations, though the one listed above has always worked for me in the past.

The Following Is From “The Arizona Outlaw”

How to Make a Quick Buck

by “The Arizona Outlaw”

Making money can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re a lazy slob. I’m not judging, I’m just calling it like I see it. If you’re in that boat then this is the article for you.

These are some of the easiest ways for a person to earn some quick money.

1. Become a professional cuddler: Over the past couple of years this industry has taken the nation by storm.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden from our website

People are paying for the pleasure of your company and the feeling of your touch. Now I’m not talking about sexual touch, although that’s a whole other business. What I’m talking about is non-sexual physical touch.

Sometimes people just need an innocent embrace or a reassuring pat on the back. You can advertise your services online or in newspapers. You may be surprised by the response you get. The only real barrier to this is your own moral conscious.

2. Drop out of school: This one is for all you teenagers out there who are just wasting your parent’s hard-earned money.

You don’t really need that diploma, do you really think it’s going to help you in life? Do you really need to know the name of every toothbrush of royal English every born?

Of course you don’t. The world will continue to turn without you knowing the exact time of day. I guarantee if you dropped out of school your life would improve drastically. You could spend your free time earning money in one of the many ways mentioned in this very article!

3. Start a fight: This one may seem a little strange, but it really works.

All you have to do is walk into a bar and start insulting the locals. Before you know it people will be throwing punches and you can sit back and enjoy the free entertainment (As long as you make sure to take cover when needed). Once the fight is over and everyone is bloodied then everyone is going to need a medic.

You could offer your services for a small fee of course.

4. Be a hero: There are a lot of things average people are afraid of; government, disease, and spiders just to name a few.

You can take advantage of their fears by posing as something that you’re not. Simply put on a costume and describe outrageous tales of your exploits to anyone who will listen. Before you know it, people will be writing ballads about your greatness and making statues in your honor.

This has two benefits. One, you’re getting free publicity. Two, people will be too afraid to criticize you for fear of being called a blasphemer.

5. Fake it ’til you make it: This is another one that applies more to the younger crowd.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden - Image

Rather than spending years at a low paying dead end job why not just lie about your experience?

There is no way they’re going to verify your claims are legitimate. They’re just going to take your word for it that you can do the job. Besides, by the time they find out you’re lying you’ll have spent years working there and know everything that’s going on. At that point you’re in a perfect position to embezzle funds or sabotage equipment.

And there you have it folks, five ways to make money that don’t involve a regular job. Of course if you really want to make a lot of money without lifting a finger the old fashioned way, start investing in gold now while it’s still cheap.

Ned Adams


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