Why did my tree suddenly die?

The reason behind sudden death of a tree is due to many reasons. Some are natural, some are man made and some are unknown. However, there are certain things which cause a tree to die.

1) Excessive water consumption: A tree requires a constant supply of water.

If the amount of water consumed exceeds its ability to provide, then the tree will eventually die. Water is necessary for all life forms including humans and trees.

Trees need enough moisture to survive, but too much moisture can lead to problems such as drought or flooding. Too little moisture leads to death due to lack of oxygen in the soil where the roots reside.

2) Over watering: If a tree is watered excessively, it may begin to rot.

Watering too often can also lead to decay. When the soil becomes dry, the roots cannot absorb water and they die.

3) Lack of sunlight: Too much sun exposure causes damage to leaves and branches causing them to fall off prematurely.

In addition, excessive heat can cause root rot leading to death of the tree.

4) Too little sunlight: If a tree does not get enough sunlight, it may become weak or die.

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The roots need sunlight in order to photosynthesize and make its own food.

5) Air Pollution: Air pollution can choke off leaves and cause them to fall off.

In addition, the extra pollution causes extra work on the part of the tree’s immune system. This can lead to illness and death.

6) Excessive salt build up in the soil: Salt build up is not an uncommon problem due to road run off and other causes.

The salt buildup can cause limbs to die off and eventually kill the tree. Removing the salt is not easy and must be done by a professional arborist.

7) Lack of nutrients: Just like people, trees need nutrients to grow.

If they don’t get the right nutrients, the tree will become weak and more susceptible to illness and disease.

8) Disease and illness: Just like humans, trees can catch cold or the flu.

A disease or illness can cause the tree to become very sick and eventually die.

9) Tree is already dead: Sometimes people mistake the dying process for the actual death process.

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A tree can look like its dying, when in reality it was already dead. The dying process is usually slow and takes weeks or months.

During this time, the leaves will start to fall off and the branches will become weak. Eventually, the whole tree will collapse. This can happen quickly or slowly depending on the type of tree and the cause of death.


Lightning: Do trees get struck by lightning?

Yes, they can and they do. In many cases, lightning strikes will cause trees to burn. In other cases, the lightning can actually cause internal damage leading to rot or decay.


Old Age: How can a tree die of old age?

You might be surprised at how old some of these massive trees can get. As they grow larger, they also live longer. Just like humans, they can and do eventually die of natural causes as their time comes to an end.

How to help a dying tree:

Most people think that if their tree is dying, it’s too late to save it. This is not always true.

Depending on the reason for death listed above, the problem can sometimes be easily treated or even prevented. The key is to seek professional help quickly before the problem becomes too serious and more costly to fix. In addition, some trees are easier to treat than others.

Trees are very susceptible to injury caused by lawn care, construction, traffic, and other general city noise and chaos. If you suspect that your tree is sick or dying, you should seek help from an arborist.

In most cases they can identify the problem and treat it quickly and efficiently. If the tree cannot be saved, the arborist can help you identify a suitable replacement that fits into your landscape design.

A tree is an important part of your property and your home’s value. Not only do trees add curb appeal, but they also increase your property value by as much as 10%.

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Don’t let a dying tree affect the value of your property. Instead, seek help early to extend the life of your tree for many years to come!


There are many good reasons to hire an arborist. In fact, some people believe that everyone should have an arborist on speed dial.

Whether you own a home or manage a property of commercial lot, here are five great reasons to hire an arborist.

1) Pruning Diagnosis and Treatment: Tree pruning is very different from simple garden pruning which most people are familiar with.

Arborists are trained to diagnose and treat various tree illnesses and diseases that can afflict trees. In addition, they are trained to perform tree pruning in a way that maximizes tree health and longevity.

2) Tree Maintenance: While some tree ailments and diseases can be treated, others cannot.

Keeping up on routine maintenance such as mulching, watering, weeding, etc. can help your trees live a long and fruitful life.

Arborists can tell you which type of tree care practices are right for your trees depending on the type of soil, sun exposure, etc.

Why Did My Tree Suddenly Die – Common Reasons For Sudden Tree Death on igrowplants.net


Tree Identification: Were you aware there are over 500 different types of trees in Georgia alone?

That’s a lot to keep up with, especially if you have a mixed variety on your property. Arborists are trained to not only recognize common North American trees, but also to differentiate between similar species.

4) Safety: Working at elevation can be very dangerous. Arborists are trained in performing their job without harming themselves or others.

Whether it’s removing dead branches or performing routine maintenance, arborists make sure the job is done right without endangering themselves or people below.


Tree Preservation and Protection: Did you know that trees can increase property value and even decrease your air conditioning bill?

By preserving and protecting existing trees, you are adding value to your property as well as saving money.


There are several different types of relationships between humans and trees. The most common one is the partnership.

This type of relationship is mutually beneficial and gains the trust of both parties. Here is an overview of some of the other types of relationships, which involve more dominance or taking advantage of one party.

Slavery: One of the worst types of relationship is slavery. In this case, one party completely dominates the other and takes advantage of them.

This can be seen when humans cut down trees in areas like the Amazon without putting anything back. The tree is not valued as a living organism, but rather as a resource to be exploited until it’s gone.

Trickle Down: Another bad type of relationship is known as Trickle Down.

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