Evergreen Vine Zone 6: Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6

Zone 6 is one of the most diverse zones in the United States. It encompasses all or parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The area includes many different types of terrain including hillsides with steep slopes; rolling plains; coastal prairies; woodlands; wetlands and other open areas. The climate ranges from subtropical (July through September) to tropical (May through October).

The soil type varies from sandy loam to clayey sand. Most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil but some species are tolerant of alkaline soils. Some of the common varieties include azaleas, blueberries, dogwood, elm, hollyhock, honeysuckle, magnolias and oaks.

There are two main ways to grow evergreens in zone 6. One way is to plant them in rows along roadsides or driveways where they will receive full sun and get plenty of water. They do not need to be planted too close together because their roots will spread out over time and eventually reach the ground surface. However, if you have a large area, it may make sense to dig a trench around your planting site so that the plants can spread out further.

The other method is to plant them in container gardens. They will need to be watered more often than plants in the ground, but this can give you greater control over their placement since they can be easily moved if needed. This is a great idea for people who have limited space or do not want to deal with digging holes or using lots of mulch.

Evergreen vines are attractive to look at and offer a wonderful bit of shelter for birds, small mammals and insects. They are also highly resistant to most variations in weather so you can be sure that they will survive from year to year.

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Carolina Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine is a vine that grows in the southern United States. It is also known as Gelsemium Sempervirens or yellow jessamine.

Carolina Jessamine can be traced back to 1782 when it was first discovered in South Carolina. It is now wild in the eastern and southern United States.

The plant prefers damp soil and can be found growing near rivers, marshes, swamps and wet wooded areas. It can also grow on hillsides and along stream banks. It prefers partial shade and cannot tolerate dry soil.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 at igrowplants.net

The flowers are yellow with a purple “thumbprint” in the center of the blossom.

There are two main varieties of the jessamine plant which include the Carolina Jessamine and the yellow or golden jessamine. Both have similar attributes but can be differentiated by their leaves.

The Carolina Jessamine has leaves that are twice pinnate while the yellow has leaves that are once pinnate.

The flowers bloom from May through July and produce seeds by August. The seeds are oval shaped and have a flat sides which allow them to easily travel on the wind. Both varieties spread through out vast areas quickly but can be controlled by cutting the flowers before they bloom.

Carolina Jessamine is an important nectar source for many types of bees, butterflies and other insects. It is also a larval host plant to several types of caterpillars.

The plant has a long history of use by Native Americans. The Cherokee, Creek and Hichiti all used the plant medicinally.

The leaves were brewed into a tea that was given to women after childbirth. It was believed to relieve pain and help prevent excessive bleeding. It was also used to treat respiratory diseases, heart problems, malaria and syphilis. The tea was also given to children to help reduce fever.

The Cherokee also used the plant as a perfume. They crushed the leaves and rubbed them on their hands and clothing.

The Hichiti used the leaves to make a ceremonial tea that was used during war times to “inspire courage” in warriors.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 - igrowplants.net

The plant has strong analgesic, antimicrobial and antispasmodic properties. It is also a mild sedative that is also known to be a uterine stimulant.

In small doses, the plant can be stimulating. In larger doses, it can act as a narcotic poison.

Jessamine flowers can be eaten, but should only be used in moderate amounts or by people who are accustomed to the effects the plant has on the body. The tea has a bitter taste and is not usually consumed for pleasure. It can cause vomiting, dizziness, slow heart rate, shortness of breath and even death when consumed in large amounts.

The plant can also be toxic if it is not properly prepared.

Other names for the Jessamine plant are: Carolina Jasmine, Yellow Jasmine and Oldfield’s Jessamine.

There is some debate between botanists as to whether or not the Yellow Jessamine and the Carolina Jessamine are in fact two different plants or if they are simply two different names for the same plant.

More research needs to be done.

This plant is found in forest edges, thickets, meadows, scrubby areas, stream banks and roadsides. It prefers loose soils.

It is found mostly in the southern USA but is also found in Canada and northern Alabama.

The flowers bloom from April through August.

The fruit appears in summer and ripens in autumn. They are yellow when ripe.

The entire plant contains a white latex.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 at igrowplants.net

The Cherokee Indians used the flowers for perfume and rubbed them on their hands, arms and neck when they danced.

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The Secret Life of a Cat: The world through the eyes of a cat.

The story of one cat’s unexpected adventure.

The life of a stray cat.

Is what you’re about to read based on a true story?

You be the judge.

The year is 1977. It is a hot, partly cloudy afternoon in August and four year old Jane Q. Public is happily playing “house” in the garden. Her mom and dad are in the kitchen and Jane can hear them talking to each other.

Suddenly… she is mysteriously drawn to the bottom of the garden, towards the tall, green grass. She feels an unseen force pulling her forward, deeper and deeper into the garden.

She cannot resist. She is completely at its mercy.

As she stares at the grass, a strange, tingling sensation washes over her and she hears a faint meowing sound. It is very quiet and faint, but it is definitely there. She stops to listen…

The meowing gets louder. She hears the faint sound of a cat calling out to her. She drops to her knees and looks under the grass, but cannot see anything…

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 | igrowplants.net

yet she knows that the cat is there somewhere.

She crawls forward on her hands and knees and puts her ear against the ground. Now she can hear the muffled sounds of the cat more clearly.

She hears it calling out to her for help, but how can this be?

Where is the cat?

She crawls forward a little further and now she can see something: a small patch of grass that is somehow different from the rest. The blades are a lighter shade of green and they seem to be… “waving” back and forth. Almost as if there is some sort of creature beneath the surface, pushing them aside to get out.

She calls out to her mom and dad but they cannot hear her. She tries to stand up but finds that she cannot. She tries to look away but for some reason she cannot take her eyes off of the patch of grass.

She feels trapped and utterly helpless. She struggles to break free but it is no use. She is starting to feel dizzy and her vision is getting blurred.

What is wrong with her?

She slumps to the ground and falls backwards, but never loses sight of that one spot of grass.

She cannot move. She cannot speak. All she can do is watch in terror and wait for whatever is going to happen next…

Suddenly… the strange patch of grass begins to move back and forth even more than before and a tiny black nose pokes out from underneath it. It twitches from side to side as the cat lifts its head out of the ground and shines its bright green eyes at Jane.

It is a beautiful black cat with a white chest, white paws and a little white spot in the middle of its head.

Jane cannot move but the cat can. She watches in awe as it slowly crawls forward on its belly, poking its head up ever so often to make sure that the coast is clear.

Once it is satisfied that they are alone, it finally pulls its entire body out of the ground and sits completely still with its eyes closed. It looks as if it is concentrating very hard or perhaps, listening for any sounds of a returning owner.

But there are no returning owners. The cat has escaped… just as Jane has always longed to do.

After a few minutes the cat opens its eyes and turns its head to look at Jane. Their eyes meet and it is then that Jane feels a strange sensation. As if the cat has entered her mind and is trying to communicate with her…

It’s me, it seems to be saying. I have come to rescue you… but you must do exactly as I say.

Do you understand?

Jane wants to say “Yes” but finds that she cannot speak. Instead, she slowly nods her head…

The black cat smiles and suddenly grows in size! Its body expands until its head is level with the treetops. And still it grows, towering above the trees until it is so large that it blots out the sun. Jane shields her eyes against the intense light…

and then she wakes up.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 | igrowplants.net

She is back in her own bed. She sits up and looks around but sees nothing out of the ordinary. Just her bedroom as it always is. Her alarm clock reads 6:00am which means she needs to get up now if she wants to be on time for school.

She climbs out of bed and walks over to the dresser to pick out an outfit for today. As she leans forward, she can’t help but notice a black cat sitting on the windowsill. It is the exact same cat! She remembers seeing it before…

when she was in that dark place.

But how could that be? It is just a cat, right?

As she watches it, the cat turns its head and their eyes meet. The cat meows as if to greet her and then stands up to parade back and forth along the windowsill. It looks so… regal. As if it owns the entire house! And yet, there is something else about it. Something almost familiar…

You are experiencing a memory, a familiar voice whispers inside her head. The memory of a time when you were young and happy. Cats have always had a special place in your heart ever since your father brought home a stray and your mother let you keep it. You used to play with this cat all the time when you were little.

Every inch of this house was explored under your guidance. You were inseparable…

Jane frowns. This is all wrong! It’s not supposed to be this way! Her mother is supposed to be at work and her father is supposed to still be at home!

How could she have forgotten something so important?

Something must be very wrong…

The cat on the windowsill suddenly turns its head and looks over its shoulder. It beckons for her to follow as it jumps down from the windowsill and walks out of Jane’s bedroom. She hesitates…

but something about the cat’s presence comforts her. It feels… right. As if this was supposed to happen.

She walks out of her bedroom and sees the cat sitting on the floor in the hallway. It looks at her and meows again. The sound is almost hypnotic and she feels compelled to follow it. She walks down the hallway towards the stairs and the cat walks ahead of her, leading the way.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 | igrowplants.net

They walk down the stairs and towards the front door. The cat sits by the door and stares up at Jane expectantly. It doesn’t occur to her until later that she never once considered the fact that she was walking around the house barefoot…

or that it is odd for a cat to be acting in such a way.

Jane reaches for the door handle and turns it, pulling the front door open. Sunlight floods into the house as a cool breeze blows inwards. With it comes the sound of children at play and the distant barking of a dog. The cat walks out the front door without looking back.

Jane stands in the doorway for a moment, staring out at the place where her house should be. Instead, all she sees is an endless field of golden wheat. She shields her eyes from the sun and stares as far as she can in every direction but sees no signs of human habitation.

Is this another dream?

She wonders.

Have I fallen asleep on the floor again?

She steps outside and feels the wheat crop gently brushing against the sides of her legs. It’s so real!

She walks a few paces away from the house in hopes of seeing something besides wheat… but there is nothing. Just as she is about to give up and go back inside, she hears the sound of children playing travel further into the distance.

She turns to her right and starts walking in that direction. The sound grows louder as she approaches and soon she sees them. A group of four or five children, ranging from toddlers to early teens, are playing amongst the wheat.

As she gets closer, Jane notices that they aren’t real children. They are humanoid figures comprised entirely of wheat, standing at various heights. The wind blows and the creatures of wheat bend and sway with it, creating a rather surreal scene.

One of the figures notices her first. A toddler wearing a small straw hat turns to look at her as it climbs over a rock. The others quickly follow suit and before long they are all looking at her with expressions that suggest mild curiosity mixed with surprise.

They say nothing, but instead slowly move around in her direction, as if trying not to startle her. She takes a step back and finds that she is now surrounded by tall stalks of wheat, cutting off her path of retreat. She takes another step back and realizes that she is now also surrounded by tall, swaying figures, leaving her feeling rather claustrophobic.

One of the children moves forward and appears to look up at her. She bends down to meet its gaze and it smiles at her. She can see now that the figure is made entirely of wheat. Even its eyes are individual grains of wheat.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 at igrowplants.net

“Do not be afraid,” it says in a gentle, childlike voice. Its voice is almost hypnotic and echoes slightly, as if there are multiple voices speaking in unison.

“We will not hurt you.”

Before Jane can react, it moves closer to her and embraces her around the legs. The other figures do likewise, climbing onto her to hug her legs despite their size or weight. It would be disconcerting if she didn’t find it so comforting. She crouches down and hugs each one of them in return.

They feel like children, small and slight.

Why have you come here?”

The child nearest to her asks.

“I am looking for… I’m not sure exactly.

Have you seen a woman go this way?

She would be carrying a bundle.”

Her heart is pounding in her chest as she waits for their response.

“We have not seen anyone pass through here,” another says.

Jane lets out a heavy sigh of relief.

Is this what it feels like, she wonders, to find what you’re looking for?

Are you sad that you did not find her?”

the first child asks.

“No… not really. I only wanted to ask her a question.”

One of the figures pluck a blade of wheat and presents it to her. “Then our work here is done,” it says.

What do you mean?”

The child looks up at her and smiles. “We bring those who are lost back home.”

She doesn’t understand what is happening, but she accepts the gift and places it into her pocket. She says her thanks to the figures and hugs each one of them in turn before they scatter and disappear into the landscape.

“Goodbye,” she whispers as the last one disappears from sight.

Zone 6 Evergreen Vines – Growing Evergreen Vines In Zone 6 on igrowplants.net

She continues on her journey and reaches the encampment as the sun is beginning to set. She can see the family sitting around the campfire, roasting chunks of meat from a hare that has been skinned and gutted. they look up as she approaches and the father smiles at her.

“Hello,” he says, standing to greet her. The children do likewise. “

Did you have a good day?”

She smiles and nods. “The best day,” she says.

Did you find what you were looking for?”

She looks into his eyes and gives him a firm nod. “Yes. Yes I did.”

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