Control Of Beggarticks: How To Get Rid Of Beggartick Weeds

The following are some tips which will help you to control begonkicks in your garden. These methods have been used successfully by many people over the years. You may want to try them out if you don’t like the way they’re doing things now!

1) Cut off the base of each stem with scissors or pruning shears.

This will prevent new stems from growing up and creating a weed patch.

2) Remove all flowers from the plant.

If you still want to attract insects, leave some flowers around but make sure they aren’t pollinating anything else!

3) Use a mister to blow away any pollen grains left behind by bees, wasps or hornets that might be nesting in the leaves.

4) Spray the plants with a mixture of water and vinegar.

This will kill any bugs that might be hiding in the leaves. (You could also use rubbing alcohol.)

5) Sprinkle powdered garlic powder around the base of each stem to discourage ants from building nests there.

Control Of Beggarticks: How To Get Rid Of Beggartick Weeds -

6) Mix equal parts bleach and water into a spray bottle.

Use it to wipe out any fungi or weeds that may be growing in the shadow of the plant.

7) Place a tarp over the plants and weigh it down with a heavy object.

This will help keep the plant clean from dust and debris. Overlap the edges of the tarp by several feet.

8) Use “weed cloth” to cover the bed.

This is a special fabric that lets water through but not plants. It’s sold in rolls at nurseries and hardware stores.

9) Use a small hand hoe to cut off any underground runners.

10) Dig a trench around the plant. Beggarticks roots do not like to grow in soil that has been disturbed.

11) Water just the outside perimeter of the bed with a ring of bricks. The moisture will not be able to travel far into the middle of the bed.

12) Make a ring of aluminum foil around the plant to reflect sunlight and keep the soil from over-heating. Beggarticks don’t like hot roots.

13) Spread black plastic on the ground to create a temporary “ice arena” effect. The plant will not be able to send down deep roots in such an environment.

Remember: Any method that kills begonkicks will kill bees, wasps and other beneficial insects as well. Use these tips in moderation. (But definitely use tip #1!)

Weeding Woes

Weeds can greatly diminish the beauty and usefulness of your garden. It is very important to keep on top of the weeding process so you don’t end up with more work than you can handle. Weeds steal moisture and nutrients from garden plants, they provide habitats for pest insects and they can become so thick that you can’t even access your crop plants. If you let them go for too long, you may have to start all over again!

Control Of Beggarticks: How To Get Rid Of Beggartick Weeds - Picture

In some cases it’s best to prevent weeds from ever gaining a foothold in the first place. Keeping your garden free of debris and mulching around plants can help to prevent the spread of weed seeds. Be sure to remove any plant parts that poke up through the soil, such as corn stalks or tomato vines. These can become breeding grounds for weed seeds if you’re not careful!

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