Creeping Fig Plant – Tips For Creeping Fig Care

The following are some tips for caring for your creeping fig plant:

1) Make sure you have enough light in the room where you keep your creeping fig plant.

If not, make sure it gets at least 12 hours of direct sunlight daily. You can use fluorescent bulbs or incandescent bulbs (if they’re available).

2) Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

If it’s too wet, the roots will rot. When watering, give it just enough water so that there isn’t any standing water on top of the soil. Don’t let it drain completely out.

3) Pruning Your Crawling Fig Plants

You need to prune your creeping fig plants regularly. They don’t like being cut back too much because then their leaves start falling off. So, you want to trim them down until they look like this:

4) How To Propagate Creeping Fig Plants

If you live in a warm climate, you might be able to propagate your creeping fig plant from seeds. But, in cold climates, you can only propagate it from cuttings. First, you need to take a cutting from your creeping fig plant.

Then, bury the cutting in some good quality potting soil. After that, keep it watered and place it somewhere warm (outdoors is ideal). Check on it every day or so. If you see new green sprouts coming out of the soil, then you know that the cuttings are rooting. At this point, you can take the cuttings and plant them in their own pots.

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