What Animals Eat Maple Seeds?

The following animals eat maple seeds: Squirrels, Mink, Rabbits, Crows, Foxes, Rats, Lizards and Snakes. (Source)

How Long Do They Last For?

You may want to wait until the squirrel or mink eats them before eating them yourself. You can always use a knife to cut off their claws if they are too big for your fingers!

Do Birds Eat Maple Seed?

No, but it’s not because they don’t like them. It’s just that they’re not very good at finding food. (Source)

What Are Their Health Benefits?

They contain high amounts of protein and fat. They have a low glycemic index which means they cause less blood sugar spikes than other foods. They are rich in vitamins A, B6, C and E. They also contain fiber and potassium. (Source)

Can I Use Them In Cooking?

Yes! Just chop up some into small pieces and add them to salads or soups. You can even make a smoothie out of them! (Source)

When Is The Best Time To Harvest?

You can start when the leaves have fallen off the trees but it’s best to wait until winter when the seeds are ripe for picking. (Source)

How Do I Identify Them?

Look for trees with pinnate leaves (frond-like leaves with leaflets). Brown, seed-bearing cones should be present. Also look for nuts lying on the ground around the tree. (Source)

Which Types Are The Best?

Black gum is the sweetest. It also makes the best syrup and tastes the best when eaten fresh. Red, white and sugar are all good too. (Source)

What’s A Maple Tree?

It’s any species of tree where the leaves turn bright yellow, orange or red in the autumn. (Source)

Can You Eat The Leaves Too?

You can eat the leaves but they don’t taste as good. (Source)

What Else Can You Collect?

During autumn, you can collect walnuts. They should be hard and light in color when you pick them. (Source)

So Do You Have Any Recipes?

Great idea! Here you go:

-Boil the seeds until they are soft (about 10 minutes). When cooled, remove the shells.

-Add some butter, a pinch of salt and some sugar to taste.

-You can eat them like this but it’s even better with jam! (Source)

I Found Some Cone-Shaped Seeds In My Yard.

Are They Maple?

Cones don’t necessarily mean maple. Other types of trees also produce cone-shaped seeds. The key to identifying whether they are from a maple tree or not is by looking at the leaves. (Source)

But I Think They Look Like Maple….

You can’t always trust what things look like! Sometimes, plants can fool you into thinking that they’re something they’re not.

This is called camouflage. (Source)

Can I Eat Them Anyway?

We can’t tell you whether they’re poisonous or not but it’s always best to be safe and not eat something if you’re unsure. (Source)

Can I Still Plant Them In My Yard?

Yes, of course! Every tree planted is a tree saved! Your yard can help make the world a greener place. (Source)

Do They Ever Grow On Their Own In My Yard?

Not likely. You’re far enough away from any forests for that to happen. (Source)

How Far Away From A Forest Do I Live?

If you look at a map of the United States, you’ll see that your home is about as far away from the nearest forest as it’s possible to be on the continent! (Source)

That Must Be Strange.

To be quite honest, yes it is.

How do people in your area feel about living so far away from forests?


They Think It’s Great!

Maple Tree Seeds To Eat: How To Harvest Seeds From Maples - igrowplants.net

Most people take forests for granted. For you to experience the great outdoors, you’d have to drive at least four hours to get to the nearest national park.


That’s Really Sad.

Doesn’t Anyone Protest?

Some people do but there are two major problems that prevent most people in your area from doing anything about it. (Source)

What Problems?

The first problem is a lack of knowledge. Many people just aren’t aware of the harm that’s being done to the environment around you. (Source)

And The Second Problem?

Fear. There are still some people who believe that cutting down more trees will lead to a higher quality of life. (Source)

But We’ve Progressed Quite A Bit Since The Industrial Revolution, Haven’t We?

Oh yes, no doubt about it. But even now there are still people who long for the good old days of large factories and smoke-stained skies. (Source)

So People Just Long For The Good Old Days….

That Seems To Happen A Lot.

That’s because many people only notice the good things that happen when something new comes around. It takes time for the flaws in a new invention to become apparent.


Do You Think That’s What’s Happening Here?

It’s definitely possible. Many people are castigating large corporations for harming the environment but they’re not taking into consideration how many people these companies are hiring and how much tax money they’re paying to the government. (Source)

But Isn’t Killing Trees Bad?

In the short-term, yes it is. Many people in your area are concerned with only what’s happening right now and aren’t looking at the bigger picture. (Source)

But If We Continue To Cut Down Trees The Way We Are, We Won’t Have Any Left Pretty Soon.

That’s a possibility, yes. It’s very unlikely that we’ll ever run out of trees but we may get to a point where cutting them down is no longer profitable because there aren’t as many left to cut.

Maple Tree Seeds To Eat: How To Harvest Seeds From Maples from our website


But What If We Find New Forests To Cut Down?

That brings us to the next problem. There are fewer and fewer places in the world where it’s even possible to sustainably harvest wood. (Source)

Does This Mean That Eventually We Won’t Be Able To Cut Down Any More Trees?

Not at all. As I said before, we’re not likely to run out of trees. We just may reach a point where we have cut down most of the forests that are closest to us. (Source)

So If We Want To Continue Cutting Trees Down We’ll Just Have To Go Deeper Into The Jungle?

That’s one solution to the problem, yes. (Source)

What Are Some Of The Other Solutions People Are Talking About?

Besides going deeper into the jungle there’s also exploring the oceans for new forests to cut down. (Source)

What? There Are Trees In The Ocean?

Not many and not in the traditional sense but there are some varieties of seaweed that might qualify. (Source)

But I Thought Seaweed Was Only Good For Fertilizer And Mulch.

For the most part, yes. However, some varieties of seaweed can be processed and turned into pulp which can then be made into paper.

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