Companion Planting With Catnip

There are many herbs that grow well with catnip. You will need to choose the right herb for your garden. There are several factors which determine whether or not a particular herb grows well with catnip.

These include the type of soil, climate, time of year, and other factors such as rainfall and altitude above sea level (or mountain).

In addition, there are different types of cats that like different kinds of herbs. Some prefer mints, some prefer thyme, and others like catnip. Each cat likes a certain kind of herb better than another.

If you have a very small garden where only one cat lives then it may be best to leave out all the herbs except for those that your cat prefers.

If you live in a temperate climate, then the following herbs will do well with catnip:

Catnip Companion Plants That Will Do Well With Catnip:

Chervil – This herb is native to Europe and Asia Minor. It grows wild throughout most of these areas. Chervil grows well with catnip because it thrives in hot climates.

It grows best in dry, well-drained, and rich soil.

Catmint – This is a type of mint that grows wild in most parts of Europe and in other temperate areas of the world. It can grow in dry or swampy conditions. It can grow in full or partial sunlight and a wide range of soil types.

Chamomile – This is a very popular herb that is native to Europe.

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