Splitting Citrus Fruit: Why Orange Rinds Split Open And How To Prevent It

The reason why orange rinds split open is because they are not properly protected against the sun’s rays. They have no protective layer like leaves or bark around them. When the sun hits it directly, it causes damage to the skin and flesh of the fruit.

The result?

The fruit splits open!

When you see your oranges splintering, it means that there is something wrong with their protection system. If the sun’s rays hit directly through the skin, then the fruits will split immediately. But if they get reflected off some other part of the fruit (like a leaf), then it takes time for them to break apart completely.

That’s why you’ll sometimes see a few pieces still hanging on after a while.

What You Can Do About It

You need to protect your citrus fruit from the sun. There are several ways to do so. One way is to cover your trees with shade cloth, which will block out all sunlight and prevent damage.

Another method is to use a greenhouse roof, which blocks out direct sunlight but allows indirect light in. A third option is using solar panels on top of your house, which will allow you to generate electricity and power lights inside the house. This way you can walk around and do other things while your trees get sunlight!

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of covering your trees in shade cloth is $200. The cost of the solar panels depends on the size of your roof. The bigger the roof, the more it will cost. But a small house with a medium-sized roof should be enough to cover all your trees. It costs around $2200.

The cost of the roof depends on the size of your house and the pitch of your roof. If you live in a small house with a medium roof pitch, then it will cost $2200 to cover it in solar panels. If you use solar panels to power lights for your trees, then you can walk around while they get sunlight!

Greenhouse roofs are about $800, and shade cloth is about $200. The choice is up to you!

It’s important to keep your fruit protected. Without it, your tree won’t bear delicious fruit…

or even flowers! So be sure to choose one of the options above and get your trees protected.

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