ET’s Finger Crassy (Gollum) Jades: What Are They?

What are ET’s finger jade?

ET’s finger jade is a type of jade used mainly for carving ornaments, but it is also used in jewelry making. These types of stones have been known since ancient times and they were considered very valuable because they could hold their shape when bent and twisted, which made them suitable for ornamentation. They were also believed to possess magical powers. Today, these stones are still highly sought after for their beauty and value.

The ET’s finger jade is a type of jade that grows from the roots of a species of crassicacea plant called E. tetrandrae (a type of sea urchin).

The name “et” means “and” and “crassy” comes from the fact that these stones grow out of the base of a small crassy sea urchin. There are two different kinds of ET’s finger jades, one is greenish-brown with a yellow center and another is brownish-green with a dark purple center.

How Do You Grow ET’s Finger Jades?

There are several ways to grow ET’s finger jades. The first one is by purchasing an already rooted cutting of the crassy sea urchin. There are several ways you can start this type of cutting, but the most effective one is to place the cutting in a blender along with some sea water. The next step is to put the blended mixture in a glass and cover it with cling wrap. Make a few holes in the cling wrap so that oxygen can get in. Place the glass in a windowsill where it can get plenty of sun. The next step is to change the sea water once a day until a root system starts to develop, this process usually takes around three weeks. At this point, you can transplant the cutting to potting soil. You should also keep in mind that it will take two to three years for the sea urchin to grow and another three to five years before the jade appears.

The second way of growing these types of jades is by directly planting a piece of e. tetrandrae in soil.

The main problem with this method is that it’s not very reliable since the sea urchin has to be quite young for this to work. This means that you have to look for a sea urchin that is still growing and not very old. If you are successful in finding such a sea urchin, you need to break off a piece of it and make a small hole in some good quality soil. Place the broken piece into the hole and then pack the soil around it. You should keep in mind that this may take several tries before you are successful since the age of the urchin plays a big role in determining if it will grow or not.

As you can see there are different ways to grow your very own ET’s finger jades at home. If you want a faster way of doing it, you can always buy a cutting already rooted in sea water.

If you want to take a more natural approach, you can plant directly into soil a piece of the crassy sea urchin. Either way, these beautiful stones are well worth the wait.

Where Do You Get These Stones?

You can get these stones at some gem shows or even on the internet. If you visit a gem show, you may have to barter for one since they are rare and expensive. On the other hand, if you go online you can probably pay with a credit card and have it shipped to your front door. Either way, these beautiful stones are sure to make a great addition to any collection.

What Can You Do With ET’s Finger Jades?

Since these stones are so rare you probably want to keep them and display them rather than wearing them. If you decide to wear one of these stones, it probably wouldn’t make a good ring since they can be quite fragile. Wearing one as an earring might work since pressure is not constantly being applied to it. Either way, these stones are gorgeous and would certainly draw attention no matter where you wore them.

Do You Want To Know More About These Gems?

If you want to know more about ET finger jades, then you may want to read the book written by John S. Whiteley called “The Concise Guide To Gems And Precious Stones”. This book was published in 2006 by F.C. Dekker and is currently available through online book retailers. It is a very thorough book and contains everything you ever wanted to know about gems and precious stones. It’s a book you’ll refer to time and time again. When you hold this book in your hands and browse through its pages, you’ll understand what we mean.

Do You Have More Questions About These Gems?

If you have more questions about ET finger jades or other gems and precious stones, you can go to our forums and ask anyone there. Our forums are filled with people who love discussing gems, minerals, and jewelry making. People there would be more than happy to give you more information about these beautiful stones. We also have article websites that you can read much more information about these gems as well as thousands of others. Enjoy your research and have fun!

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