Growing African Daisies – Tips For Growing Osteospermum

Africa is known for its beautiful flowers and plants. There are many types of flowers and plants grown in Africa. Some of them have been cultivated since ancient times. However, there are some rare species which were only discovered recently or even just recently discovered from seeds collected in the wild. These rare species require special conditions to grow well and they need very specific soil to thrive.

Most of these rare species cannot be propagated at all and they are considered endangered.

However, there are other types of plants which can be grown successfully without any special conditions whatsoever. They do not require much water, sunlight or nutrients at all. These kinds of plants can easily survive in almost any climate and they produce large amounts of fruit with high nutritional value.

You may wonder what kind of plant these might be?

Well, there are several kinds of plants which can be grown in containers. All of them belong to the same family: Orchidaceae (orchid) family.

There are different species of orchids and each one has its own characteristics. Some species grow in tropical climates while others prefer colder climates. Others like to flower once every few years whereas others like to bloom continuously throughout their life span. Some orchids can reach a height of trees, others prefer to grow in the cracks of stones. You may wonder how such a variety of plants can grow in the same family and share some characteristics.

This is because the Orchidaceae family consists of several genera and each one has different characteristics. For example, African Violets are also part of the Orchidaceae family but they have very little in common with other orchids.

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