Stephanotis Flower Care: Growing And Caring For Stephanotis Flowers

The following are some tips which I have learned from years of growing and caring for Stephanotis plants. These tips will make your life easier when it comes to growing and caring for these beautiful flowers.

1) Buy Your Plants From A Local Florist!

You can buy your plants from any local flower shop or even online. However, if you want to save money, go with a local florist. They tend to offer better prices than online stores do.

Also they tend to carry only the best quality products and they don’t sell anything inferior (at least not at their store).

2) Keep Them In A Cool Place!

Keep them away from direct sunlight. If you keep them out in the open, they may get sunburned easily. You might want to place them inside a greenhouse where they won’t get too much light exposure.

You could also put them in a room with air conditioning so that they stay cool during hot weather months.

3) Feed Them Regularly!

These plants need to be fed at least once a month. You can feed them with any commercial flower food. Follow the directions on the package for how much you should use.

It’s best to not overdose your plant with too much food as this can actually burn and damage the roots.

Stephanotis Plant Care: Growing And Caring For Stephanotis Flowers -

4) Do Not Let The Roots Get Crowded!

Always make sure that you don’t over-crowd your plant’s container as this will make the plant weak and cause its roots to get crowded. This is important as it will prevent the Stephanotis flower from growing to its full capacity and can ultimately kill it.

5) Water Them With Care!

Stephanotis plants hate to be watered too much or too little. Always wait for the soil to dry out before watering them again. If you water them too much, they may start to droop or even rot.

You may also notice a small amount of white fuzz growing out of them in some areas. This fuzz is a result of over-watering.

6) Prune The Dead Flowers!

Dead or dying flowers should always be removed from the plant as this will help promote new flowers to grow in its place.

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