Cannas are not only beautiful but they have been used in medicine for centuries. They were used to treat everything from cancer to epilepsy, and even as aphrodisiacs! Cannas are very easy to grow and require little attention. However, if you want them to last longer than a few weeks then it’s best that you take some precautions when harvesting your plants.

How To Harvest Cannas?

When harvesting cannas, make sure you don’t damage the leaves or stem too much so that the plant doesn’t die before you get around to eating all its delicious buds. If you’re using scissors, cut the top 2 inches (5 cm) off each side of the stalk. You’ll end up with a smaller amount of stems and leaves to eat, which will definitely be worth it!

The leaves and stems should look like this after cutting off the tops:

How Long Should I Leave My Cannas On A Countertop Before Eating Them?

If you plan on keeping your cannas for a long time, then leave them out on a countertop until they’re completely dry. Then place them in a sealed container or baggie and store in the refrigerator. Be careful though; they may still taste good just slightly damp!

If you need to store the canna leaves and stems immediately after cutting them then use this technique:

Cut the bottom 2 inches (5 cm) off each side of the stalk:

Take your leaves off the stalk. You won’t need the thick part at the bottom or the top.

You should end up with leaves that look like this:

Rinse the leaves and put them in a bowl:

Fill the bowl with cold water:

Place the bowl in your refrigerator (do not use ice!) until you need to use them. The greens will be good in the fridge for up to five days. If you’re only using them for one day then rinse them, pat them dry and place them in a sealed container or baggie. Then place them in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.

Do not store the stalks (tops) in water as they will rot!

How Do I Preserve My Dead Canna Heads?

If you’re only going to be using the heads of the canna plant then you’re going to want to follow a different method of preservation than if you were going to be using the leaves and stems. The heads are going to last much longer than the leaves and stems so you don’t need to preserve them right away.

To preserve your heads, you need to do the following:

Cut off the bottom 2 inches (5 cm) of the stalks:

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Cut off the top 2 inches (5 cm) of the stalks. Save these for later. You might want to use them for crafts or something else:

Rinse the heads:

The heads should look like this when they’re ready to be stored:

You can store these in almost any dry, cool place. Many people choose to keep them in their refrigerator’s crisper drawer. They will still be good for up to 2 weeks in that location.

How Do I Eat My Canna Leaves and/or Heads?

Cannabis leaves and heads can be eaten in many different ways. Some people choose to eat them fresh, while some like to cook them first. It’s completely up to you and what you prefer. Sometimes if you cook them for a long time then they lose their green color, but this isn’t always the case. It all depends on how hot you’re cooking them and how long.

Cannabis leaves and heads can be eaten on their own, but they can also be mixed with other foods to help improve their taste as well. Some people like to add them to brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, breads, or anything else they can think of. If you want to get really creative, then you can cook them into different cuisines from all over the world!

Just remember that you don’t want to cook them for too long or at too high of a temperature otherwise you’ll end up ruining their taste completely. If you’re not sure about how to cook with cannabis then you should probably start out slow, with just brownies and cookies at low temperatures, and work your way up when you get the hang of it!

Does It Matter How I Store and Cook the Rest of My Cannabis?

Yes, it does matter a lot. If you store your canna leaves and heads improperly then they won’t taste very good. They might even have a bitter taste or go bad before you can use them all. If you plan on cooking with your leftover cannabis then you need to make sure it is stored correctly or else it won’t taste right in your food. Here are a few tips that you might find useful:

Always store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep them from going bad as quickly and help to preserve their taste and smell. It is also a good idea to store them in some kind of water and change out the water whenever it looks like it needs to be refreshed.

Never freeze your leftover cannabis because it will actually change the chemical makeup of the plant and make their taste go downhill faster.

Always wash them before you plan on using them in food, especially if you’re going to be cooking them. This will get rid of any pesticide or dirt on their surface and prevent any kind of odd taste that may come from it.

How Do I Cook with My Leftover Cannabis?

Now that you have all this extra cannabis, how are you actually going to cook with it?

It can be hard to figure out how much you should use in your recipes. Everyone has different tolerances, so the amount that you need to feel the effects won’t be the same as the next person.

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Some people like to start out by adding a little bit of cannabis to whatever they’re cooking and then adjusting the amount after that. This is a good idea because you can find out how much you like before wasting too much.

If you do end up adding too much then you can always cook it down so it has a lower concentration. This can be done by simply cooking it longer until some of the cannabinoids and terpenes have evaporated off.

Always remember to NEVER consume wildly inconsistent cannabis. This can cause serious health problems and will definitely not get you high, in fact it might even make you sick. Always purchase your cannabis from a trusted source so you know its purity.

How to Consume Your Cannabis Edibles

Now that you know how to cook with them, it’s time to learn how to actually consume this magical food of yours. It can be broken down into three easy steps:

Step 1: Decarboxylation

The first thing that you need to do is decarboxylate your cannabis. This is a fancy word for heating up your cannabis so that the chemical reaction called decarboxylation can happen. This reaction takes place when you heat up THCA which is not a psychoactive cannabinoid and turns it into THC, which gets you high. So all you need to do is warm it up for a bit and this process is complete.

There are two ways to go about doing this. The first way is by simply heating it up in the oven. Preheat your oven to 225 degrees and then place your buds on a baking tray. Bake it for about 40 minutes and that should be enough to start the decarboxylation process. The second way to do this is by simply heating it on the stove.

Warm a pan on the stove on a low setting and once its hot enough, add your cannabis and gently stir it until it starts to smell like its been warmed. Then you know its done.

Step 2: Cooking it into Something Edible

The second thing that you need to do is convert your decarboxylated cannabis into an edible form. This means you need to cook it into a recipe that includes butter, oil, milk, or something similar. The only rule to follow here is that you should never cook with cannabis oil that has a THC content higher than 90%. Anything stronger than that can make you feel hallucinate and really isn’t safe for consumption.

Step 3: Consume and Get High

This is the easiest step. All you need to do is eat the edible that you made and wait. The effects will kick in anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Always start with a small amount until you know how it affects you. Edibles can make you feel sleepy, so be careful if you have plans to do anything that requires full concentration after you’ve eaten it.

Now that you know how to do it, its time to learn what you can with it.

What’s the Best Way to Consume Cannabis Oil?

Edibles aren’t the only thing that you can make with cannabis oil. You can also put it into a capsule so you can simply swallow it and let it kick in faster. You can add it to your drinking water for slower release into your system. You can even make it into a topical cream or balm so you don’t have to inhale as you would with a vaporizer.

Canna Lily Deadheading: Tips For Deadheading Canna Lily Plants -

The effects of cannabis oil can be stronger than other methods of cannabis consumption like smoking or vaping so its always important that you start with a small dosage.

Always remember to consume the smallest amount of cannabis oil as possible to achieve the maximum medical or recreational benefits without any unwanted side-effects. While cannabis oil is a great way to consume your medicine, it may not suitable for everyone.

If you feel that you’ve consumed too much and are starting to feel sick, have a panic attack or are feeling sick then please seek medical assistance immediately. While cannabis is believed to be non-toxic, it is possible to have an adverse reaction to it, especially with edibles.

If you stick to the recommended dosages and follow the instructions in this article, then you should be able to safely consume your cannabis oil or other cannabis infused recipes.

Always remember that when consuming cannabis oil, start with a small dosage and wait at least an hour before considering consuming more. Since everyone has a different tolerance, it’s important that you find the right dosage that works for you.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil has been touted for having many medicinal benefits. It has been used in the past to treat conditions such as malaria, menstrual cramps, eczema and even leprosy. Recent studies have shown that cannabis oil can be used to effectively treat cancer and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis oil is also a powerful analgesic that provides instant relief from pain. It has also proven to effectively treat inflammatory diseases such as Parkinson’s and arthritis.

If you’re looking for the best medicinal benefits possible, then it is recommended you find cannabis oil that is high in THC. While this type of oil does have the highest levels of psychoactive elements, it also has the most healing properties.

What are the Recreational Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

If you’re looking to get high or experience a “recreational benefit”, then cannabis oil infused with THC is what you should be looking for. Most recreational users of cannabis prefer to smoke the plant as it delivers effects almost immediately.

However, cannabis oil can be vaporized, ingested or even topically applied, depending on the concentration of THC.

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