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Peach tree leaf disease is one of the most common and severe peach tree diseases. Leaves are yellowing, wilting or dropping off completely. They may even fall off entirely! You may see it first thing in the morning when your eyes are still open, then again later in the day while you’re asleep. It’s not just a problem with diseased leaves; they can spread throughout the rest of your trees too.

You’ll need to take action right away if you want to save your trees from falling over. If left unchecked, this disease will eventually kill your tree. Once infected, the disease spreads rapidly through the tree, killing all its branches and leaves. There is no cure for this disease other than cutting out the diseased part of the tree and replanting it elsewhere.

The symptoms of peach tree leaf disease include:

Yellowing or wilting of the affected part of the tree (usually the lower branches)

Leaves drop off completely, leaving bare spots at their bases where they used to be. These bare spots are called “cavities” and they look like little black dots. Eventually, these cavities grow into new holes which develop into new leaves. This is how the disease spreads.

The disease usually starts out slow but becomes rapidly apparent after the first few days. So it’s very important to watch for these symptoms and nip the disease in the bud!

Peach tree leaf disease is spread by a tiny insect called a “aphid”. The aphids transmit the disease from one plant to another, along with sucking on your tree’s sap and weakening it.

There are several varieties of aphids, including the green peach aphid and the melon aphid. Not all aphids spread this disease, but it’s safest to assume that they all do because you really don’t want to take any chances.

The only way to prevent this disease is to quarantine any new plants brought into your garden and observe them for any signs of the disease before planting them. If you see aphids on any new plants, immediately isolate them from the other plants.

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You can also use various sprays and washes to protect your trees. It’s best to consult a gardener’s handbook for specific instructions on treating your trees.

Here are some tips for controlling aphids:

Spray the aphids directly with soapy water. This will neutralize them and often times make them fall off the plant. Make sure you use a natural, non-toxic soap.

Place cornmeal near the plants. Aphids are attracted to cornmeal and will feed on it, leaving your trees alone.

Try brewing some strong black tea and spraying it on your trees. The tannic acid in the tea can help to control aphid population.

This is by no means a complete list of all the peach tree diseases out there. There are others that are milder and don’t need immediate attention. If you come across any other symptoms on your trees, consult a handbook to see if it’s something that needs to be treated immediately or if it can wait until later.

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