Dividing Tree Lilies: Learn How And When To Divvy A Tree Lily Bulb

The following are some tips for dividing a tree lily bulb:

1) Do not attempt to divide your tree lily bulbs until they have reached their maximum size.

They will not grow larger if you try to split them too soon after reaching full growth. If you wait too long before attempting to divide them, they may stop growing altogether!

2) Once you have divided your tree lily bulbs, you must allow them to dry out completely before using them again.

You cannot use tree lily bulbs that have dried out or become brittle. (You can still plant them though!)

3) Use a sharp knife and cut the stem off each branch so that it falls into place at its own point.

Be sure to leave enough space between branches so that they don’t fall over.

4) After cutting the stems off each branch, carefully bend them back together at their original position.

Make sure to keep the bends even and straight!

5) Place your tree lily bulbs into a pot with a drainage hole.

Fill up the bottom of the pot with water and add a few handfuls of peat moss or vermiculite to make it extra damp.

6) Water your tree lily bulbs whenever the soil feels dry.

Be careful not to over-water them, though or their roots will rot!

Dividing Tree Lily Bulbs: Learn How And When To Divide A Tree Lily Bulb - Picture

7) Place the pot in a place that receives full sun.

If you live in a very hot and dry area, consider placing a saucer of water near the pot so that it is shaded during the hottest part of the day.

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