What are the uses of golden oregano?

Golden Oregano Information: What Are Uses For Golden Oregano.

The leaves of the plant are used in many ways including tea, powder, tincture, juice and oil. They have been used medicinally for centuries.

The leaves contain compounds called terpenes which give them their distinctive smell and flavor. There are over 500 different types of terpenoids found in the plant’s leaves! Some of these terpenoids are very potent anti-inflammatory agents. Other terpenoids have antibacterial properties. These include limonene, myrcene and pinenes. Many of the other health benefits attributed to the plant stem from its use as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages.

Terrific for Tea!

You may be wondering what kind of tea would be best with your favorite Golden Oregano leaf?

Well, there are several options available to you! You could try a tea made with Golden Oregano leaves or you could make a tea using extracts of the herb. Extracts are extracted from the plant in various forms such as tinctures, concentrates, oils and so on.


A tincture is essentially a solution of herbs dissolved in alcohol. Tinctures are usually stronger than teas because they contain more active ingredients per dose.

Tinctures can be taken straight or mixed with other drinks. For making tinctures, ethanol or grain alcohol is most often used. This type of alcohol is poisonous in large quantities so it is important to follow the directions accurately.


These are concentrated forms of the extract of herbs. They are usually thick liquids and have a very high concentration of active ingredients.

Usually, they are very potent. These are also mixed into beverages or food. When purchasing concentrates or extracts, make sure you buy from a reputable company that sells good quality products. This will ensure you get the best value for your money.

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Golden Oregano Recipes

Now that you know some of the ways of using Golden Oregano, what about some actual recipes?

Well, here are some delicious suggestions!


Golden Oregano Tea & Toasted Almonds

Makes 1 serving


3 cups water

5 Golden Oregano leaves

1 teaspoon raw honey (optional)

Directions: In a small saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add Golden Oregano leaves and reduce heat.

Simmer 5 minutes. Strain liquid into a cup and sweeten with honey if desired. Enjoy!

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