Tree Aloe Info: Learn About Growing A Tree Aloe

About Tree Aloe Info:

The name “Tree” means that it grows from one root. But it does not mean that it is a tree only because its roots are very small, but rather because its leaves are like branches or leaves. Its scientific name is Aralipe japonica .

It belongs to the family of trees called cacti (Cactus). There are many varieties of the same species. Some of them have white flowers, some with red, others with yellow, and so on. However all these varieties share the common feature that they grow from a single root system. They do not branch out into separate plants; instead they form a network of interconnected roots which are connected to each other and to their parent plant through long tendrils called stolons.

Aloe Bainsii Info:

The name “Bainesii” means “tree” in Latin. It is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family of palms (Papaveraceae) native to Mexico, Central America and South America. The species is known as the Mexican tree or aloe bainesii .

The genus contains over 300 species of shrubs, vines and trees with different forms and colors ranging from pale green to dark browns.

Aloe bainesii is a tall tree that grows up to 7 meters. It has gray green, narrow and upright leaves with parallel lines on the top and spikes near the base. When in bloom it bears yellow flowers.

Its fruits are red, and at maturity, they split open to reveal black seeds with orange arils.

Benefits of Tree Aloe Info:

It has both food and medical uses.



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