What Is Bottom Watering? Tips On Watering Potted Plants From The Bottom?

How To Water Your Plantings With A Topwater System (Topwater)

When You Shouldn’t Use Topwater And When You Can Use It

Why Do Some Plants Like Bottom Waters More Than Others?

Which Kind Of Plants Are Best For Bottom Waters? Which Kind Of Plants Need Topwaters Most Often?

Watering Pots That Have Been Used For Years Will Not Work Well With Topwater. They Won’t Be Able To Take Any More Water Than They Already Have!

The Best Way To Fill Up A Bottom Watering Container Is By Using A Bucket Or An Empty Plastic Jar. Don’t Fill Them Too Full!

If You Want To Keep Your Plants Healthy, You Must Have A Regular Checkup At The Doctor’s Office Every Year!

Some People Are Not Sure About The Kind Of Soil They Should Use For Their Potted Plants. Well, If You Have Some Left Over Soil From Your Last Garden, That Would Be Great! But, It Really Needs To Be Aerated Before You Add Water To It. If You Live In A City And There Isn’t Any Good Compost To Be Found Anywhere, Just Buy Some Topsoil From A Nursery And Add Sand To It.

What Is The Best Thing To Water Pots With?

You Should Only Ever Add Fresh Water To Your Pots. No Tap Water Or Well Water! Don’t Even Add Bottled Water That Has “Strained Minerals” Or Anything Like That In It, Because It Will Just Make Things Worse!

A Little Tip: If You Prune The Top Parts Of Your Shrubs Every Year, They Will Naturally Produce More New Shoots And Thrives Better.

If You Keep Your Potted Plant Outside, Be Sure To Move It Somewhere Sheltered Every Time There Is A Thunderstorm!

What Is The Best Way To Water Pots With?

Do I Water From The Top Or From The Bottom?

How Should I Water Pots?

Here’s A Little Trick When It Comes To Bottom Watering. Add Some Fresh Coffee Grounds To The Water You’re About To Pour Into The Container! The Reason Why This Is Good Is Because It Will Help With Keeping The Soil Moist But Will Also Help With Fending Off Any Kind Of Pests That Want To Eat At Your Plant.

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