Fall Herb Picking Schedule: When To Plant Fall Herbs In Your Garden

The fall season is here! And with it comes the time of year when many gardeners are ready to start their autumn vegetable gardens. However, there’s no need to wait until then because you don’t have to worry about having enough space or getting all your vegetables before the weather turns cold again. You can start your fall vegetable gardening now if you want!

So how do you know when to plant?

Well, first of all, you’ll need to decide which types of vegetables will thrive best in your area. Then you’ll have to figure out where you’re going to put them. Finally, once you’ve got everything planted and watered down (and hopefully protected from frost), it’s time for the fun part—picking your vegetables!

What Are Fall Herbs?

Herb seeds are called “fall” because they germinate and grow quickly during the fall months. They’re generally small, yellowish-green seed pods that look like little popcorn kernels. If you see any fall plants growing in your yard right now, chances are those are herbs!

Here’s a list of some common fall varieties:

Basil – Basil is one of my favorite fall vegetables because it grows well in almost any climate and tastes great. If you want it to flower, just keep pinching off the top of the plant until it grows several “shoots” or “sprouts.” These shoots will turn into flowers. (Remember not to pick the flowers, though—they’re only for looking at!)

Catnip – Catnip is great fun for your favorite feline. Let them play with it and eat it! (It won’t hurt them, and they might even get sleepy! If they do, just move them to a safe place where they won’t roll into the street and become road kill!)

Chervil – Most people won’t use this herb because it tastes like an overgrown parsley. If you want to grow it for its looks, though, it makes a nice addition to any garden!

Chives – Chives are onion-flavored. They make good additions to baked potatoes and are pretty easy to grow.

Dill – This is one of the most popular fall vegetables because it’s delicious in cucumber salads! Plus, it can repel some common pests and attracts beneficial insects.

Fennel – Fennel has a mild licorice taste. It isn’t the easiest fall plant to grow, but it can be quite pretty.

Garlic – Garlic is great for your immune system, and it’s just really fun to grow! The bulb will grow bigger if you break it up into cloves and plant them separately.

Fall Planting Guide For Zone 6: When To Plant Fall Vegetables In Zone 6 on igrowplants.net

Lavender – This beautiful plant has a sweet, mellow smell that can help calm upset stomachs. Plus, it makes a nice decoration for your garden. (It’s also fun to use in crafts!)

Lemon Grass – If you’re brave enough to try this one, be warned: It tastes VERY lemony! It’s also quite easy to grow and has a long vase life.

Marjoram – This one is very similar to oregano, but it tastes a little bit sweeter. It’s a nice addition to pizza and other Italian dishes.

Mint – Who doesn’t like mint?

It’s probably the easiest herb to grow. Whether you choose peppermint or spearmint, you can’t go wrong!

Oregano – This is a staple in Italian cooking. The leaves are a little bit spicy, so use them sparingly if you don’t want your dish to be too hot!

Parsley – This is another easy-to-grow herb that has multiple purposes. It’s great in soups and salads—especially potato salad! Plus, it looks nice in a garden.

Rosemary – Rosemary is often used for cooking meats. It helps enhance the flavor, and it smells pretty good, too!

Sage – Sage has a very distinct flavor. It’s generally used to help season fatty meats, such as pork. Use it sparingly!

Thyme – Thyme is used quite often in soups and stews. It’s also one of the easier herbs to grow.

If you want to grow more herbs, you should try to plant some on your windowsill. Most herbs don’t need sunlight, and it’ll be easy for you to keep them watered!

Whether you grow your own vegetables or not, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping the environment, saving money, and doing something fun outside!

Happy planting!

Fall Planting Guide For Zone 6: When To Plant Fall Vegetables In Zone 6 | igrowplants.net

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