Cacti are very popular plants in gardens. They have been used for centuries and their use continues today. However, they require care and attention from the gardener. Some of them do not like being handled too much or touched at all, while others may even bite if mishandled or exposed to extreme temperatures. There are many different kinds of cacti, but most of them belong to one family (Fabaceae) called Fabaceae. Most of these species are native to South America. There are several other families of succulent plants, such as the Poaceae, the Lamiaceae and so forth. These other families include some very interesting and beautiful plants. However, there is no need to learn about each of these families because they don’t have any special significance for us here at home.

The most common kind of cacti are those belonging to the genus Fabaceae. These plants grow in tropical regions of the world, including Mexico, Central America and South America. Other genera with succulent leaves are: Ficus, Salvia, Phalaenopsis and others. A few other genera with succulent leaves include: Amaryllis, Calathea and others. All these species belong to the same family (Fabaceae).

They are native to various parts of the world such as: South Africa, South America, Mexico and other places. These plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of them have some kind of spines covering their skin, whether it is large or small, thin or fat. Some of them even produce flowers, which can be very colorful and pretty to look at.

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