Dallisgrass is a common weed in many areas of Australia. It grows very fast and it’s easy to spot because its leaves are hairy. Its seeds germinate quickly and they produce large numbers of small white flowers which look like tiny sunflowers. They have a bitter taste but not enough to cause any health problems when eaten raw or cooked. The plant produces several seed pods, each containing up to 30 seeds (see image). The plants grow in grassy areas where there is plenty of sunlight.

The plant is also found in pastures and other open areas. It spreads rapidly through these places, so it needs to be controlled before it becomes established.

There are two main ways to do this:

1) You can spray the area with a chemical called “willow bark” or “quinclorac”.

These chemicals are effective against most weeds, including dallisgrass.

2) You can dig a trench around the area and cover it with a layer of soil.

Then you can apply the chemical “quinclorac” or “msma”. Both of these products work well against dallisgrass.

When applied properly, both products kill the plant within three days and prevent new growth from forming for at least six months after application. The advantage of trenching is that weeds can’t grow up through it and it’s more effective than sprays for controlling newly forming seedlings.

1) You can use a special trimmer to cut down the dallisgrass plants (see image).

Its important to remove the tops of all the dallisgrass plants otherwise they will keep growing back.

2) You can use a herbicide called “atrazine”, which you can apply directly to the dallisgrass plants to get rid of them more quickly.

This treatment will kill all the plants it comes into contact with. It will also kill most non-target vegetation, so be careful when using it.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a long-term solution to the problem. Weed seeds in the soil will still grow after the atrazine has worn off.

3) You can use a chemical called “glyphosate”, which is sold under several trade names, including “Roundup”.

Dallisgrass Weed: How To Control Dallisgrass - Picture

You can apply it directly to kill the dallisgrass plants. This treatment will kill all the plants it comes into contact with, so be careful when using it.

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