The following are some interesting facts about squirrels and birds eating sunflower seeds:

1) Some people believe that squirrels eat sunflower seeds because they’re tasty or because it’s a way to get protein.

However, there are other reasons why squirrels don’t like the taste of sunflower seeds. One reason is that when the nuts fall onto the ground, they make noise which attracts many birds. Another reason is that squirrels have very sensitive hearing so if they hear something, then they’ll come running to investigate.

2) There are different types of squirrels.

Most squirrels prefer to live in trees and will only climb down once they’ve eaten their fill of food. They’re not interested in sunflowers since they need them for their diet and don’t want to spend time climbing down from a tree to reach them. Other squirrels prefer to live on the ground and will climb down from a tree to eat sunflowers.

These squirrels are called crepuscular (active during the day) and nocturnal (active at night). They tend to be less aggressive than crepuscular squirrels. Nocturnal squirrels usually live in groups of two or three.

3) Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals.

They don’t eat meat unless they’re trapped and need to eat in order to survive. They’ve been known to bury nuts for later consumption and when they dig them up, the meat has rotted and turned into compost. The squirrels eat the “compost” because their stomachs can handle it.

4) There are also birds that eat sunflower seeds.

These birds have good memories for seed locations and remember which plants have the biggest and ripest seeds. These birds are called “pioneers”. Other birds that eat sunflowers are “localized”.

They don’t rely on sunflower seeds as a staple of their diet, and will only eat them when other food sources have been exhausted. These birds tend to be small and live in groups.

5) There is a difference between birds eating sunflower seeds indoors and outdoors.

Birds that eat sunflower seeds indoors are smarter than birds eating sunflower seeds outdoors. This is because the birds that eat sunflower seeds indoors don’t have to worry about predators. The only predator that poses a threat to these birds is the human.

6) There are certain features in a yard that can make it easier for birds to eat sunflower seeds.

Squirrels And Birds Eating Sunflower Blooms: Protecting Sunflowers From Birds And Squirrels from our website

The more comfortable a bird is, the easier it is for them to eat sunflower seeds. An example of this is a bird bath. Birds love to bathe and if there’s a bird bath in your yard, then they’ll spend more time there and in turn spend more time eating sunflower seeds.

7) Some birds, called “pioneers”, are the first to discover sunflower seeds.

Since there are no competitors around, pioneers have a feeding frenzy and eat as many seeds as they can. Other birds soon follow and since there are a limited number of seeds, they get in competition with one another. There is less food for every bird so they fight over it.

8) There are different types of squirrels.

Some squirrels are aggressive and will attack birds that come near the feeder. These types of squirrels are usually old and have acquired a taste for bird, but aren’t fast enough to catch them. So, they scare them off so they can eat the seeds themselves.

Other squirrels are not as quick or as vicious, but outnumber the aggressive squirrels greatly. Since the aggressive squirrels only eat the seeds that the other squirrels don’t grab, there is still enough food for everyone.

9) Birds don’t have hands so it’s more difficult for them to hold things.

They can’t open doors or pick things up. If you throw something out of your car window, a bird wouldn’t be able to pick it up and bring it into its nest. Birds can’t put holes in things either so they can’t poke a hole in an apples and drain out the juice.

They also can’t untie knots or open snap-lock bags.

10) When birds eat sunflower seeds in the wild, they usually only eat what is called the “hull”. The hull is the shell that remains after you take off the dry outer skin of the sunflower seed. This is difficult to do and takes a special tool called a “gizzard stone”.

This is a rock that has been ground down by another rock inside the gizzard of the bird.



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