Baby Name Inspirations From Plants: Learn About Garden Names For Babies

Garden Names For Babies: A Few Popular Names And Their Meanings

Flower Child Names: What Are They? How Do You Choose One?

About Baby Name Inspiration From Plants: Learn About Garden Names For Babies

The Meaning Of Some Common Garden Words And Phrases

What Is A Flower Child? Why Does Everyone Love Them So Much?

How To Pick Flowers That Will Be The Perfect Gift For Your Baby Girl Or Boy!

Why Do People Love Plant Names?

Here’s A List Of Top 10 Reasons!

Here are some interesting facts about plant names:

Plant Names Are An Important Part Of Your Baby Name Ideas!

There are many reasons why people love plant names. These include:

1) They’re Unique!

There is nothing like it out there! Every one of these unique baby name ideas have their own charm and uniqueness.


2) They’re Creative!

Many of these names have a very creative touch, that is sure to delight you and your baby for years to come!

3) They’re Whimsical!

Not only are they creative, they’re whimsical as well! It’s a magical feeling when you read over these names and imagine the possibilities and how your child will blossom with these names!

Baby Names Inspired By Plants: Learn About Garden Names For Babies from our website

4) They’re Easy To Remember!

These names all contain only a few letters, so they’re easy to remember. You’ll have no trouble calling your child by their name.

5) They’re All Unique, But They All Share A Common Theme!

What do all of these names have in common?

They’re ALL PLANT NAMES! Be sure to pick one that you love the most and fits your child the best!

6) They’re The Perfect Length!

Whether it’s one word or two, these names are the perfect length. Not too short. Not too long.

7) Every Name Has A Story!

Whether it’s your child’s favorite flower, a plant they just found in the yard or their personality, every name has a story behind it! Be sure to write these stories down, so you never forget them!

8) They’re The Perfect Substitute For Unoriginal People!

Are you dating someone who just doesn’t have any imagination when it comes to baby names? Are you a single mother who’s struggling to think of names? Are you having problems finding your own unique style and personality?

Well, these plant names are perfect for YOU!

9) They’re Excellent For Mothers And Fathers!

Whether you’re a mother or father, you can both find excellent baby name inspirations from this plant names list. Enjoy!

10) They’re Nature-inspired! These names are all inspired by nature!

What’s more natural than nature?

Enjoy these nature-inspired names and be sure to take your child on a walk in the park every once in a while!

Baby Names Inspired By Plants: Learn About Garden Names For Babies at

Remember, these plant names are the perfect substitute for boring, unoriginal parents who can’t think of any baby name ideas! These are also perfect for unique parents who want to make sure their child stands out from the rest!

Are you hoping for a unique and special name for your baby?

Well, look no further, because this list includes hundreds of exotic, rare and unusual baby names! There is certain to be one that you will fall in love with!

Dont like these names?

Check out the much larger list of both boys and girls names: Unique Names!

Need actual flower names?

Check out this list: Flower Names

Here are the names, all written in a practical order:


Adonis African Violet Ageratum Alyssum Anemone Apple Blossom Arborvitae Aspen Aubri Baby’s Breath Bachelor Button Begonia Bells Black-Eyed Susan Blossoms Bluebells Bluebonnet Bluet Bodhi Bog Orchid Boltonia Bottlebrush Brachyscome Bromeliad Broom Camomile Campanula Caper Carnation Cherry Chestnut Chinensis Blossom Clematis Cloud Clover Coral Bells Cornflower Cranberry Creeper Crocus Cushion Dahlia Daisy Delphinium Dendrobium Orchid Dogwood Draco Dragonhead Dusty Miller E: Ebony Elderberry Elephant Ear Elfin Pink Evening Primrose F: Foxglove Flame Flower Flannel Flower Forget-Me-Not Forsythia Foxglove French Marigold G: Gladiolus Gorse Goldenseal Grindelia Gypsophila H: Heather Helleborine Hollyhock Honey Suckle Honeysuckle I: Icelandic Poppy Indian Paintbrush Irish Poppy Italian Broom Jacob’s Ladder Jasmine Jonquil June Daisy K: Knotgrass L: Lady Slipper Larkspur Lavender Leather Flower Lemon Balm Lilac Lily Limonium Lobelia Lupin M: Magnolia Mahonia Mallow Marigold Meadow Saffron Milkwort Mexican Sunflower Milfoil Montbretia Morning Glory Mums Mustard N: Nemophila Nigella O: Oakleaf Ornamental Corn Ortylus P: Papaver Pansy Peony Petunia Phoenix Pink Agapetus Phlox Poppy Primrose Purple Bells Q: Quaking Grass R: Rattlesnake Fern Rock Jasmine Russian Sage Rue S: Sage Sand Lily Scabious Scorpionweed Scheuchzeria Sedum Shasta Daisy Silver Bell Shamrock Snapdragon Spindle Spirea Stokesia Stock Sunflower T: Thistle Thrift Tickseed Tomato Tulip Tufted Thyme U: Upland Grass V: Violet W: Water Lilly Wood Sorrel Wild Grape Willow Wintergreen Y: Yellow Flag

Young Fern Z: Zinnia

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Have fun and enjoy!

If you’ve got any comments and suggestions for this list, please let me know!

I’d love to hear your opinions!

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