Earliglow Strawberry Facts – Tips For Growing Earliglow Berries

1) Earliglow Strawberry Seeds Are Not Always Yellowish-Red When They’re Young; Sometimes They Look Like Red Grapefruit Or Green Apple (Or Other Colors)

2) Some People Have A Hard Time Eating All Star Strawberries Because Of Their Sweet Taste And Soft Texture

3) You Can Eat Both Types Of Strawberry Plants At Once; Just Choose Which One You Want To Eat First

4) Earliglow Strawberry Plant Is More Likely To Be A Little Taller Than Any Other Strawberry Plant That You May See On The Street; So If You Are Looking For A Smaller Size, Then Try To Find An Earliglow Strawberry Seedling Instead

5) There Are Many Different Names For Earliglow Strawberries: Red Eye, Blue Eye, Black Eyed Susan, White Eyed Susan, Purple Eyed Susan…etc. etc.

6) Earliglow Strawberry Plants Will Grow Up To 10 Feet High And Wide; But They Are Easily Attained By Most People Who Don’t Know How To Care For Them Properly

7) Earliglow Strawberry Seeds Are Usually Sold In Bags With A String Attached To Each End; However, You Can Also Get Them From The Farmer Himself. (It’s Called “Bag Farming” And Is A Lot Cheaper Than The Store)

8) People Also Eat Garden Honeysuckle And Wood Sorrel, But They Are Not As Sweet (Or As Big) As The Wood Sorrel Or The Honeysuckle That You Can Get By The Side Of The Road (Just Be Careful, Those Are Usually Dying And May Be Poisonous)

9) There Can Be Layers Of Hidden Messages In Strawberry Plants; For Instance, You May Think That All The Leaves Are The Same Color And That’s It, But Upon A Deeper Look, You’ll See That They Can Actually Be Different Colors And Much Smaller

Earliglow Strawberry Facts – Tips For Growing Earliglow Berries on igrowplants.net

10) In Order To Get More Strawberries Out Of Your Plants, It’s Best To Plant Several Seeds Next To Each Other; This Is Called “Rowing” And Will Make It So That, When They Grow Up, You Get A Row Of Big, Yummy, Berries

11) Honeoye Is A Native American Name For “Big Fruit”; So If You’re Looking For A Big Bunch Of Berries That Come One At A Time, Go For The Honeoye!

12) Honeoye Has Been Around Since “Pre-historic” Times; Which Makes It Hard To Tell People About. (But Not As Hard As Finding Earliglow Strawberry Facts!)

13) You Can’t Find Honeoye At Your Average Grocery Store; It’s Pretty Much Only Sold At Farmer’s Markets And Specialty Shops Which Sell Local And Organic Things. (It’s Best If You Grow Your Own, Though)

These are some of the most important facts you should know about the earliglow strawberry. The rest is up to you!

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