Korean Feather Reed Grass Information: What Is Korean Feather Reed Grass?

Overdam feather reed grass (overdam grass) is a type of perennial herbaceous plant native to Korea. Its scientific name is Ostrinia nubigena and it belongs to the family Rubiaceae. It grows up to 10 feet tall and its leaves are oval shaped with 5 petals each, and 1 pair of sepals. The flowers are white or pinkish purple.

The name “over dam” comes from the fact that it looks like a dam built over water.

How To Grow Overdam Grass In Your Garden?

Overdam feather reed grass is very easy to grow in your garden. You just need to provide good drainage, plenty of sunlight and moisture, and you will have success with this species.

It is a slow growing plant so it takes time before you see any growth. However, once the plants start getting taller they will produce new shoots all year round. They do not require much care and don’t need fertilizer.

If you want to grow this species then you need to give them at least 6 hours of direct sun every day during the summer months. If possible, try to get them in full shade during winter months if possible.

The best time to plant them is between the months of March and May. You can start flower from them in about 2-3 years.

Overdam Feather Reed Grass Care

These plants are undemanding as far as care.

They like well-drained soil that doesn’t contain too much nutrients. A good topsoil mixed with sand and grit will make a great growing environment for ostrinia nubigenena. They also need a lot of moisture, so make sure to keep the soil moist all the time.

The best time to water these guys is in the morning so the soil can dry a little before nightfall. Also, make sure that their pot has good drainage holes. Stagnant water will kill them.

Finally, you should prune them after they bloom because this encourages new shoots and flowers. You can prune them anytime during the year.

Are You Interested In Growing Overdam Feather Reed Grass?

Overdam feather reed grass is a beautiful plant that can be a great addition to your garden. It is easy to grow and needs very little care. Give it a try!

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