Indian Blanket Plant Care: Information On How To Grow Dropworts

1) Indian blanket plants are very easy to grow.

They require little attention. You need not water them at all or fertilize them with any kind of fertilizer. If you want to add some nitrogen, just sprinkle it on top of the soil around the base of the plant (the part where leaves appear).

Do not overdo it!

2) There are two kinds of Indian blankets, those grown in full sun and those grown under lights.

Those grown under lights have been known to bloom better than those grown in full sun. That’s because they get more light during the day. So if you’re going to grow one of these plants, make sure your house gets enough sunlight!

3) When growing Indian blankets, keep them away from heat sources like radiators and furnaces.

Also, do not let them touch metal objects.

4) Indian blankets are very tolerant of poor air circulation.

However, they prefer well-drained soil and don’t like soggy soil. So if your home doesn’t have much moisture problems, then you can leave the plants outside without worrying about them getting too dry.

5) Indian blankets love to be in groups so try to arrange them into a nice circle when you plant them out in the garden!

They look very nice when arranged in spirals too.

6) These plants are great to grow in window boxes because they can climb up the sides and hang over the edges (but be careful, they might let go and drop onto your neighbors’ heads below).

7) Fertilize these plants only once or twice a year with a general fertilizer (one that has the three major nutrients: nitrogen, phosphate, and potash).

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