Tuberous Ornamentiflora spp. (Tuberous Ornamentiflora) are commonly known as tufted hairgrass or tufts of hairgrass. They grow on the ground, in shrubs and trees, and even in rocks. Tuberous Ornamentiflora is one of the most common ornamental plants in gardens around the world. Its leaves are small, oval shaped and up to two inches long with six leaflets per leaflet. The flowers are white, trumpet-shaped and up to five inches across. These are followed by seeds which have been used medicinally since ancient times. Tuberous Ornamentiflora is native to Europe and Asia but it has spread throughout much of the world due to cultivation and its ability to withstand harsh conditions such as drought, salt spray, heat and cold.

Tuberous Ornamentiflora is not a true grass. It does not produce roots nor do it have any reproductive organs. However, it produces tubers which contain carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins A, C and K. Tuberous Ornamentiflora is also called tuberous amaranth or tuberous dwarf amaranth because of its shape and size when compared to other amaranths.

It is also called pigweed, twitch grass, or wild beet. The dried leaves and stems are used like coffee as an additive to make the caffeine more palatable. In the sixteenth century, it was a popular drink among peasants, but drinking Tuberous Ornamentiflora tea became less common in the seventeenth century with the introduction of coffeehouses.

Ornamental grasses can be planted in rows either by themselves or interplanted between other crops.

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