Wild Apple Tree Identification: Do They Grow In The Wild?

Apple trees are very popular and they have been cultivated since ancient times. Some of them are native to North America, some others came from Europe or Asia. There are different kinds of apple trees, which vary in size and shape. Most of these apple trees belong to the genus Malus (the common name is “apple”). Many varieties of apple trees have been cultivated over time. These include:

The most commonly grown apple trees are the Golden Delicious, McIntosh, and Honeycrisp. Other popular apple species include Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Black Beauty and many more.

There are several types of wild apples which differ in appearance and taste. The following list includes all known wild apple species:

Black Beauty


Cherry (various)

Currant (various)

Figs (various)

Honeycrisp (various)

Mountain Pearmain (various)

Red Delicious

Sour Cherry (Varieties include Pink Lady, White Lady, Yellow Devil, Red Devil and others.

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There are many types of apple trees that are edible. These include:There are also many types of apples which have been bred for the specific purpose of being used to make alcohol, such as cider and wine. These include:

There are also several non-edible types of apple trees. These include crabapples, ornamental apple species, and other ornamental tree species that happen to have the name “apple”.

There are many facts about apple trees that you probably did not know. So if you learn more about apple trees, maybe you can impress your friends. In this article we will provide you with interesting and curious things to know about apple tree leaves. This is part of the “Wild Apple Tree Questions & Facts” series.

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New Facts About Apple Trees

When learning more about apple trees you should be careful not to get the different kinds of apples mixed up. Crabapples, for instance, can be very poisonous. They contain a molecule called oxycynate, which causes the stomach to become very acidic and can therefore burn the throat. Other types of crabapples are edible and can even be used to make cider. Apple seeds also contain this toxin but in lesser amounts.

It is not dangerous to eat one or two seeds, but it would cause excessive vomiting if you ate more than that.

Apples do not contain a lot of water, but they do contain a very high amount of organic matter.

When learning more about apple tree facts, many people wonder why crabapples are red and green apples are not. It all has to do with chlorophyll. The red color that you see in crabapples is due to their high concentration of chlorophyll. Green apples contain very little chlorophyll and the majority of the color comes from the outside layer of the skin. This means that if you leave an apple on the counter for too long it will eventually turn red, even though it is no longer edible.

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Another interesting apple tree fact is that many different types of insects inhabit them. Apple trees are able to produce their own fertilizer. The tree releases a scent which attracts insects to the tree. The insects then eat the leaves and deposit their waste into the ground. This waste becomes plant food and helps the tree grow.

It also helps prevent plant diseases from developing.

Do you know what type of apple is the most popular in the world?

The Red Delicious.

Do you know how it got its name?

It all has to do with its color. The first tree was discovered growing on the Delicious Farm in the 1870’s. It was a seedling and the mother tree came from Canada. All of the trees were propagated by grafting to keep its desirable features. The Red Delicious tree eventually became very popular when it began to produce fruit for commercial purposes.

Did you know that eating too many crabapples can make your skin and face turn red?

This condition is known as cyanosis and can be very serious.

Apples are very healthy to eat because they contain a lot of vitamins. The most popular types of apples are eaten for their taste, not due to their nutritious value.

Another common myth about apples is that if you count the number of veins in a leaf, it will tell you how many days you have been sleeping. This is not true and no scientific evidence has ever been found to prove this theory.

Facts about apple trees are interesting to know and can help you impress your friends next time you are eating at the lunch table. The next time you walk through the grocery store, make sure you know how to tell the difference between a crabapple and a normal apple.

Interesting Facts About Apples Watch this video to learn some interesting facts about apples. Facts about animals, insects and other wildlife · Apples · Interesting Facts about Animals Apples are a delicious fruit available all year round. They come in many different varieties. Some of them are sweet, while others are tart….


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