Mirror Plant Care: Tips For Growing Mirror Plants

The following are some tips for growing mirror plants. These tips will allow you to grow your own mirror garden. You may want to share these with others so they too can enjoy their own mirrors!

1) Use a light shade or plastic sheet over the soil when planting the seeds.

This prevents sunburn and keeps them from getting scorched by hot summer days.

2) When the seedlings have grown a bit, move them into a larger pot and give them plenty of room to spread out.

They need lots of sunlight during the day and shady places at night.

3) Mirror plants like bright lights.

Keep the lights low and indirect (shade). Avoid direct sunlight because it burns them quickly. A fan or air conditioner can also provide enough heat to keep your plants alive through winter months.

4) If you live in a warm climate, then you don’t really need to worry about keeping your plants alive through winter months.

Mirror Plant Care: Tips For Growing Mirror Plants - Picture

However, if you’re living somewhere cold and snowy, then you’ll probably want to protect your plants from frostbite. That’s why it’s best to place your mirror plants outside during the winter months. Place them under a tarp or something similar. Do not put them directly inside a greenhouse since they could freeze solid!

5) If you live in a very cold climate, then you might want to dig a hole in the ground and place them in there.

This will prevent them from getting frostbite.

6) If you’re unable to do any of these things, then I would suggest keeping your plants under a grow light.

However, it is best to keep them outside during the day, and bring them inside at night.

7) Do NOT over-water your plants!

Mirror plants do NOT like wet feet! Add water until you see it draining from the bottom, then wait until you see some more. Too much water is bad for them.

8) Fertilize your plants monthly using something like Miracle Gro or something similar.

You can also use fish Emulsion.

9) If your leaves start getting discolored spots, then you need to increase the humidity around them.

10) If your leaves start getting brown spots, then you need to increase the ventilation around them.

Mirror Plant Care: Tips For Growing Mirror Plants - Picture

11) Place your plants in a cool location (or basement). Then, put the pots in a clear plastic bag, close it up, and poke some holes in it for ventilation. Be sure to keep the temperature around 65 degrees or less!

12) Check your plants often for signs of infestation by bugs or diseases.

13) If you see any bugs or other pests, then I suggest you use something like Sevin Dust. Just follow the instructions on the package.

14) If you see any diseases, then I suggest you immediately remove all affected plants from your other non-infested plants. It is best to throw them away and start anew. Also, try to keep the affected area as dry as possible.

15) If your leaves start curling up, then you need to increase the humidity around them.

16) Although rare, if your leaves start turning yellow and falling off, then you need to increase the ventilation and temperature around them.

17) If you see the flowers starting to grow, then you need to increase the amount of light they receive.

18) When the flowers start to die, then that means your plants are done growing for the year. Just keep an eye on them because it won’t be too much longer before their seeds are ready.

19) Pick the seed pods when they turn brown. Place them in a dry location until next year when you can plant them again.

20) Have fun and enjoy your new plants!

I will be adding more pictures soon so that you can get a better idea of what your plants should look like at each stage in their life cycle. I will also try to answer questions in the comments section.

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