7 Tricks For An Amazing Garden Border

1) Smaller borders are better than larger ones.

You don’t need large borders because they get in the way when planting vegetables or flowers. Also, if you have a big border it becomes difficult to see what plants are where since there is too much space between them. A smaller border will allow you to plant your veggies and flowers closer together without having to worry about their being weeds growing between them.

2) Use a slate edge instead of a regular one.

A slate edge is made from two pieces of wood that are glued together with mortar. When you place the edges against each other, the mortar makes sure that they don’t move around during planting and watering. They will not only prevent weeds from growing between them but also keep your soil evenly moist so that it doesn’t dry out and rot easily.

3) If you want to use a slate edge, then make sure that it’s at least 1/4 inch thick.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to see which plants are planted correctly.

4) Make sure that the bottom of your border is smooth so that it doesn’t stick up too high.

That way, your borders look more like a wall rather than just a bunch of rocks and dirt.

5) You can either have one large border around your garden or several small ones.

If you want to have several smaller ones, then make sure that you still use the same material for all of them. Also, make sure that the borders don’t touch or else it will look unnatural.

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6) There are some plants which will spread and take over your whole garden.

In order to keep them in check, you can plant them in a border and allow them to grow there. This will not only make the border more interesting but also control the spread of these plants.

7) If you want to add color to your garden, you can use flowers and other types of plants that will bloom consistently throughout the entire year.

This will prevent your garden from looking boring because there is always something in bloom.

All of these tricks can be very useful if you want to have a smaller garden border. Don’t try to complicate things by creating a very detailed border. Instead, let the simplicity of your border shine through and you won’t have to worry about fixing it later on.

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