Staking An Amaryllis: Types Of Amaryllis Support Stakes

Stake Your Own Seeds For A Better Profit!

You have heard it often enough; “I want my own seeds”. Well, now you don’t need to go out and buy them from some shady guy or girl, because you can do it yourself.

The first thing you need to decide is which type of amaryllis you are going to stake your life on. There are two types of amaryllis available, the common and the hybrid. The common variety is what most people grow at home, while hybrids come in many varieties with different characteristics.

You will find that the hybrids tend to be more expensive than their common cousins, but they usually produce better results.

Common Amaryllis (Amarillo)

These are the easiest to grow, and are generally considered the best quality. They’re easy to propagate too. Common amaryllis plants typically reach up to 2 feet tall and 4 inches wide.

Their leaves can range from light green all the way through dark purple.

The common types of amaryllis you can stake are:

Amarillo – This is a great choice for your first buy. They have large blooms that come in a variety of colours, including white, yellow and orange. Their petals have streaks of other bright colours running through them.

They start off as pale colour at the base and then become darker towards the centre.

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Creme de la Creme – This amaryllis’ blooms are pure white with a pale yellow centre. They remind me of a cross between an orchid and a daffodil.

Helene Klarho – These are my favourites. The blooms start off with a deep red petal and then fade to a lighter red at the centre.

Helios – The centre of these blooms is white, while the rest of the petals are a pale yellow. The edges of the petals are typically a red-orange colour.

Trevose – These amaryllis produce large, pale lavender-blue flowers with white streaks. The petals have a yellowish hue at their edges. This is one of the most expensive, but worth every cent if you like lavender.

Himalayan Amaryllis (Zephyranthes)

These amaryllis are easy to grow but are not quite as hardy as the common types. They also don’t usually reach as impressive heights, and their blooms tend to be smaller. These are a good choice for people who live in apartments, as they typically don’t require staking.

Some of these are also very fragrant.

The most popular types of staking zephyranthes are:

Gemini – This is the largest of the zephyranthes varieties, typically reaching 1 metre in height. They have light green leaves with small light lavender flowers that are lightly streaked with darker lavender colours. They have a nice sweet fragrance.

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